Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Ruth asks…

Teens: What do you think about England?

Or the UK in general actually? What are your opinions on the people, the food, the culture, the accents, the weather, ect? Also have you ever been? Did you like it? Do you want to go(Why)?

I have an essay to write about this (how England/the English/British are seen by others) next week so you would really be helping. If you could state which country you’re from that would be great!

Pip answers:

Its Bullshit, all the working class people join gangs and mug you, all the white middle class people think their better than everyone cz their parent buy them expensive cars before their even old enough to drive them, the bankers and buisness men are all greedy as shit and put us into ressesion. The police get the law confused with absolute morality and treat everone like crap. And generaly everyone is fake and full of bullshit, welcome to england

Charles asks…

Is PRISM a dragnet, too much control, or the right idea?

I only know history and I only know basics of how cellular networks work, but my research is starting to cause me concern. Let me explain:

1 – First ill start with apple and the iphone tracking everywhere you go –

This caused a lot of hate for apple.

2 – Secondly, cellular networks are a complex radio. They send and receive signals from many radios. They all follow the rules of physics in that they can only transmit a strong reliable signal for a finite distance. Thus, they have to design cell phone towers much like a honey comb of a bee. The tower is in the middle and it is responsible for its cell. Thus, if your phone is in the cell say “Houston, Texas # 1” and someone tried to call you, the phone company needs the information that says your cell phone is in “Houston, Texas # 1” so you can get a call. Simple.

Here is my point. If Apple mines this data, what and who is stopping the government from this data. They can not only track who you called, but where ever you go. You don’t need a number on your arm or a tracker in your wallet … they have your cell phone. For me, it is the government knowing a little too much. I kinda feel like I should at least enlighten people.

Is this too much government control?

Pip answers:

It’s not that the information is being collected. That isn’t the problem.

It’s the morality of what is none with that information.

The information can be used to control individuals. And THAT is scary.

Information on its own isn’t a problem. It’s use, in the wrong hands can ruin thousands of lives.

For instance, say you were secretly gay, but married to a woman and in a job where being macho is ‘required’, like fireman, police officer, military etc. Using your Internet history and phone calls you can manipulate that person to break laws, fire or hire whom ever the manipulator wants.

Another example is for the innovator, or inventor, using the collection of Internet history, PRISM has the ability to predict what that person is working on. And certain companies have favour with intelligence groups. Oil companies, military contractors and suppliers, medical supply companies, etc. And they might get that information avoiding patents or copyright law. Screwing over a potentially valuable new company.
Just think if the iPod were to be invented TODAY, GE could get that information before hand and bankrupt Apple.
This also leads to the idea that those companies that don’t cooperate become targets for PRISM, moving those ‘ unwilling to participate ‘ out of business.

However, PRISM being a collection of various sources over a long period of time, can lead to conviction of thousands of truly guilty people who operate within a network.
Gangsters, child pornographers, cartels, etc.
One convicted individual, can be put on trial and have the weight of his contacts used against him in court. Then, after the trial, have those contacts tried as accessories to the previous crime, or be flagged for further investigation.

But this will no doubt, put the career criminal back into the cloak and dagger means of passing messages.

The USA has been tracking most ‘known’ individual’s phone calls and Internet habits since the mid 80’s, they’ve just required a warrant. PRISM is just the first time it is all gathered and assessed at one place.

The other scary thing is the algorithm used while collecting information. What if you’re a student at university and you are studying modern terrorism…would you be black listed for further review?

What surprises me is the lack of knowledge by the community in general….Shia LeBeouf mentioned it while promoting Eagle Eye, The Simpson’s movie mentioned it as well. What’s going on is not new information….we’ve known about it for awhile now. Seems anything we do to try to stop it or control it will be too late.

But the information it collects isn’t the problem, it’s how that information is used. And remember, the people who in charge of it, are some of the same people who developed the atomic bomb, nerve gas, psychological torture techniques, espionage, assassinations, manipulation of major media, etc.

Now we’re trusting them not to turn on us. That’s like trusting a lion not to eat you because you don’t eat lions.

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