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Michael asks…

From an Anti-Gun/Assault rifle Brit, Gun controls, do they work?

I’ve been reading up on the subject lately and i finding, after admittedly little research, that stricter gun laws do not
a) Lead to fewer gun homicides b) Do not lower crime rates

By this i mean when a country impliments the gun controls gun homicides do not drop, in the UK in 1996 ‘gun controls’ were made stricter yet the gun deaths from 1995-2006, if my data is correct remain at around 70-50, with highest value of 90+ being after gun controls were introduced. (on the other hand i realize that before 1996 handguns and assault rifles were already banned)

MY QUESTION: Will gun control, eg. removing guns work in the short term, if not will they be benificial in the long term. Is there any statistical evidence of countries introducing gun controls then either a few years or many years later gun homicides being dramatically lower than countries which did not introduce gun controls? I have read serveral opinions that it the culture to blame but i have not found evidence for or against this, and as usual the articles provide no evidence themselves.

@Rockhunt- What the hell are you on about?

Pip answers:

I have a first hand view of what young adults and teenagers are seeing and doing in our post-religious society. In America we have thrown off the “chains” of religious tyranny; but in doing so what have we exchanged it for? In the wake of mass shootings and unimaginable death we come together as a society and demand answers to a problem that we have ourselves created. When you demand a Godless society be prepared to live in a lawless world.

I am old enough to remember prayer in my local elementary school and saying the pledge of allegiance without fear of offending someone. However, this generation has now become the generation of fatherless children and soulless individuals who think or care little for others and feel as though everything is permitted.

We put a lot of stock in our founding fathers as Americans and so, when I began this intellectual quest to answer the question as to why people are killing scores of people for no reason, I started with John Adams. Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” When we turned away from God and our morality, we turned away from self-government. The whole idea of a free nation was that people were moral enough to govern themselves.

The real truth is that guns are not dooming our society, we are. Kids today are bombarded by a toxic flood of death, sex and drugs from the time they are old enough to turn on the television. We tell our children that there is no judgment and no God to answer to and then we sit in awe when a twenty year old kills twenty-six people, twenty of them children, right before Christmas. We have replaced God with self and now instead of facing the facts, we would rather blame inanimate objects than ourselves.

There have been school shootings since the beginning of our great nation. However before 1989 there were but a handful of mass killings in our schools. But after 1989 there were forty such occurrences. We find all kinds of reasons as to why these things happen; people are crazy, kids play violent video games, guns are too easy to get and so on. But how can we expect anything less in a world where we freely accept people who are governed by their own hedonistic desires and where drugs and alcohol flood our streets like open sewers.

To pretend like we can legislate away our broken moral compass is to pretend that we can put out a fire by simply ignoring it. Guns have been a part of American culture since the beginning. George Washington famously said a free people ought to be armed. Are we still a free people? This new age of political correctness we live in is nothing more than tyranny with manners according to the late Charlton Heston. Along with this political correctness has come this idea that we cannot judge another person based upon the morality of their actions.

An immoral and Godless people have no problem killing each other. This is the real issue. Many of the same people who fed us this Cultural Revolution garbage and pontificated to us about the merits of infanticide also want us to believe that guns are the real issue here. Unfortunately it is the depravity of people. Almost seven times more people were killed with knives last year than rifles of any kind and caliber. Twice as many people were killed with hands and feet. Until we stop trying to make guns illegal and start trying to repair the forty plus years of moral decay and rot, my generation will always be known as the generation of Sex, Drugs and Lock n’ Load.


Degree in History ,focus Jewish studies, New Mexico State University, 1990

Linda asks…

Is 4 months enough for point swapping?

And lying and perverting the course of justice? Mr and Mrs Huhme seem to have got off quite lightly. Will they be on the “vulnerable” prisoner wing?
Well Hal who’s fault is that?
Well Hal who’s fault is that?
By changing his name to Christina Winston?

Pip answers:

I have conflicting views on this – while nitpicking is as British as it gets, and essentially means every aspect of law and justice is being upheld, in the belief that ignoring smaller offences would eventually lead to a lapse in morality and justice….

BUT…. Doesn’t Britain have more pressing issues to be dealing with? This charade has been going on for weeks, when the British public should be concerned with the continuing economic plans which the UK is shaping for the country.

It seems the public is content with ignoring news and legislations in the making, but when it’s set down and has real effect on British society, the public suddenly goes into an outcry, claiming the government doesn’t have the public’s interests and is spearheading plans without public consensus.

While Britain is bracing for 2014 elections, possible 2014 Scottish Independence referendum, continued reported losses from major financial institutions, a TRIPLE dip recession, further proposed cuts in public spending, welfare reforms that will hit hard on impoverished families and children, and all departments of state fighting over each other for increasingly limited funding…..

And a story about a decade-old driving point scandal is taking up the front pages?

While such illegal activity should be enlightened to attention, why the hell aren’t major newspapers putting financial problems up front? How on god’s green earth is the Sun still making a profit when the banks aren’t?

Doesn’t that reflect as a society, Britain is isolated from politics which literally shapes British society and future? Just because economics and politics are “boring” compared to sensationalist news, does that mean we should all drop to the intellectual level of a 3 years-old mesmerised with coloured pictures?

And Britain is blaming the politicians for screwing up the country? This is still a democracy, the ranting public elected the current government. Why doesn’t the public stop fault-pushing for once and actually take an active role and stand, through independent, intelligent and informed discussions on the country’s future?

But no, we’d rather watch Simon Cowel’s American trash TV, I find it hard not to loose faith.

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