Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Sandy asks…

i married a us citizen gril she is onli 14.i m an indian citizen…is tat illegal.any way to overcome?

Pip answers:

This is exactly why the UK won’t allow fiance or spouse visas until both parties are over 21. A 14 year old girl entering into a marriage cannot be an acceptable situation in any modern society. There was a huge reduction in fiance and spouse applications when the law was changed and it made a big difference to the number of forced marriages. Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights, and a form of domestic violence and child abuse. A 14 year old girl entering into a marriage is most certainly child abuse in any western society.

It’s interesting that you are more concerned about the legality of the marriage rather than the morality and then post the question in immigration.

Betty asks…

Saddam. Justice or Revenge.?

I think Saddam H was brutally murdered by the USA and British, who threw him bound and gagged to a pack of wolves.
Saddam did a better job of running HIS country than the US/UK forces.
George Bush needs to clean up his own back yard before he preaches morality to the world.
I am waiting for the NEW Roman empire to fall while bush fiddles.

Pip answers:

The simple-minded will want to tell you that it is Justice, but the rest of us know that it was no more than an attempt to stifle Saddam from spilling the beans on the USA and UK.

You question and details are very well put and does put the finger on the button re Bush and his backyard.

Note that they killed him before his 70th birthday. The Iraqi law states that no-one over 70 can be hanged, to have continued the trial of the Kurds would have taken him over that age and therefore he had to be killed beforehand.

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