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Lisa asks…

I really need someone to help me?

well is a long story.
Her and i both go to the same school, usually we walk together to school and sometimes we walk back home. We went out for a couple of weeks. Sadly we broke up(she broke up with me). still yet i don’t know the reason, she is very shy and hardly talks. yesterday i went over her house because her aunt called me over, they were partying. we ended up drunk, my 1st time i got drunk. but the point is that i want her back. i love her and i would do anything for her. i really feel butterfly’s on my stomach when im with her. i really love her. and i need to get with her. how can i make it work again? i need her im my life! she brights me up!… how can i get her back.? please help! 10 points for best answer!!! please help!!!
21 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
always txt her..she replys but when i bring up the relationship theme we never replys back. i just ask her if she was mad she reply ‘no’.then i ask her for a date..we should go she dont reply at all!..omg! what can i do?
3 minutes ago

( her mom like me as her daughther boyfriend. (she called me that she was my suegra) mother in law or something like that.)
1 minute ago

Pip answers:

Hi Cas,

It is not clear to me whether she broke up with you after or before you got drunk. You have to remember that when we imbibe too much alcohol we sometimes say and do things we would not normally do. Alcohol tends to make us lose our inhibitions which can give rise to this.

You say “we ended up drunk”. From this I assume you were still friends and the split occurred after the drunken episode.

Let this be a lesson to you. Control your alcoholic intake – it does your health no good and can ruin friendships.

I would speak face to face with the girl and without being too “pushy” explain to her how you feel about her but forget the relationship aspect. Remember that unlike family people are free to pick and choose their friends.

Friendships and relationships are underpinned by principles of trust, honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect amongst other criteria in equal measure by each party to that friendship. Of these trust is not a God given right but needs to be earned over a period of time.

Whilst we may make friends with people for one or more reasons, we have to start with the assumption that their values, ethics and code of morality are pretty much in keeping with our own. After all if you are anti-drugs you’d hardly want a drug addict as a bosom friend. Similarly we have to take for granted that the principles I’ve mentioned are in place. Just as it takes time to build up trust, so too time will enable you to evaluate whether the principles I’ve mentioned are characteristic of the person.

A friendship is a two way traffic system with give and take on both sides. Compromise may be called for on occasions.

Approach her as I have suggested but bear the principles I have described in mind. Just tell her you enjoy her company and would like to share activities with her. Adopt a “laid back” approach and see how things go from there.

As far as her shyness is concerned bear in mind that shyness is a defence mechanism to defend us against bad outcomes but if we don’t risk bad outcomes then we’ll never get good outcomes either. At the heart of it shyness is the fear of being judged harshly. A shy person is a person who does not want to be subjected to the opinions of others because they believe those opinions will be negative and feel vulnerable because they do not have a strong sense of self esteem.

Perhaps she broke up with you because se may think you will think badly of her for getting drunk. As far as this is concerned it was a stupid thing to do and it won’t happen again.

If you want to read about self-esteem go to:-;_ylt=As4evAp9zblV2aGvRl8CzmwhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080323010910AAhcHYO&show=7#profile-info-ogh8iD2Xaa

and you will be able to judge for yourself if she suffers from this.

Once you make up hopefully bear everything I have said in mind when you interact with her.

Good luck and please feel free to email if you consider I can be of further assistance.

Ruth asks…

Why instill relgious puritan values into teens say regarding sex from religions with horrific abuse histories?

This one is particularly aimed at islam and christianity with things like

IRA and islamic terrorism, sectarian wars, religious wars, witch burning, Inquisition torture for centuries, sexism, homophobia, past support for segregation, genocide (ie native americans or Tasmanian Aborigines) , hindu caste (class), honour killing, forced arranged marriages, child stealing (think how Christan’s stole Aborigine children to ‘civilise’ and christianise them, abuse of nude/porn models, use of terms like slut and bastard, lying about contraception, not teaching birth control

Mass organised child abuse with popes ordering cover up of paedophile priests.

Nuns imprisoning girls from teens till death ripping babies fro their arms, shariah law executions of teens for dating.

etc etc.

This is where people base their morality? and try and tell teenagers this are the morals you should have?

And these are not isolated bad apples but whole communities and highly organised Church or islamic policies


quote from the bible
(Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

Bible says girls must marry their rapist

You really need to see this
Can be seen here
Documentry available for streaming here’led+cover-up+of+child+abuse+by+priests’/

Islam and yazidi


12 year old forced marriage


Doc about it


Documentry on this case

Aged 35 male.

Seen a alot of hurt, seen what works, seen what does not.

As not blinded by irrational beleifs go on the basis of evidence and judge relgiosn by what happens when they get power and what cultures they create.

ie when’s the last time you heard of witch terrorisim, pagan inquistions, witch sectarian wars?

How often do you see sexsim and sexaul repression by wicca?

relgions where made up to controll the masses and give people power be it worship of the volcano or islam.

With the exception of wicca (not one as athiest) most are into male dominance and sexaul repression

So yet to see much of the good and morality they claim to expouse but instead see lots of abuse and the guilty getting away with it whilst people pick on happy age gap relationships, nude models, gays etc who are not hurting anyone

Pip answers:

I’m sorry if i’ve got any of your speech wrong but-
why do you think that all religions are just covers for child abuse and forced marriages that the bible and other religious texts are encouraging appalling behaviour- i’m guessing you have no belief what so evr or you would know that not all people who say they have religion are perfect- and they aren’t pretending to be- some people with religion can be real b******s but people without religion can be really good people as well: stop stereotyping

yes, ok there are these horrible things that go on in the world- But, remember the press only give you stories that get attention and will usually horrify- don’t fall into the trap

just so i know because i am curious- how old are you and are you male or female?

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