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Sandra asks…

Is anybody else laughing at MPs talking of ethics, morality and upholding the law?

Talking about the press, they are all on their hind legs talking about the lack of morals, ethics and honesty of the press.

Yet, 50 of them, including the speaker, are hiding from whom or to whom they are renting their second home, paid for by the tax payer, Huhne is still waiting to go to court – when will that happen – Laws stole £56,000 and was promoted to ministerial rank, Blears stole £13,000 in expenses and is still an MP, and the same goes for so many more of them, of all political hues.

They were forced to appoint an ‘Independent’ Parliamentary watchdog, then got rid of the first leader because of not blocking what MPs wanted kept secret, they have now forced the resignation of 4 out 5 members because the speaker and 50 other MPs wants t keep the arrangements for their second home private, and we are supposed to trust them with an ‘Independent’ Press watchdog?!?

I’m laughing because if I don’t, I would cry.

Does anybody else feel the same.

Pip answers:

What puzzles me most of all is how people have turned out in low numbers to support Labour in the three by-elections held yesterday.

MPs of all colours claim parliamentary privilege for all manner of reasons including theft and paedophilia so it seems to me.

Keep your eye on the Ball because they are busy trying to control the press thus to stop it from publishing bad stories about them and their activities.

It’s always been the case that phone tapping is illegal. We don’t need to ‘control’ the press to enforce that. Just enforce the existing laws and get rid of the bent coppers too.

As for the journalists, without them we would not know anything about the MPs expenses scandals and worse.

I note that a famous American Journalist from the Washington Post – the true Voice of the People (Vox Pop) has supported a free press here in UK. The Washington Post you may recall exposed the Watergate break in by the Nixon team way back.

We do not have to believe most of the tripe published by our Free Press, but let us keep it free. There has been press freedom here in UK (England at any rate) since c1700 – three hundred years.

Why let the politicians off the hook?

Keep bashing away. They chose public life that means a spot light is focused upon them 24/7 whether they like it or not and any and all of their doings, good or bad should be highlighted and flashed across the Globe for all to read and sneer at if they wish.

As for the Daily Mail, that evil gutter-snipe cavalier rag, I hope it continues to publish exposes of this and that person in public life, and so forth even if it is all bound up with the five billion illegals now occupying hidden places here in the UK.

Edit: it was a newspaper, I think the Guardian, which exposed the News International phone tapping sandal. No one, not even our brave MPs, busy with their own fiddlings, knew anything about it. So, let’s not fall into the trap of believing that the Press cannot police itself, because it has shown that it can and does not need new laws to stop it publishing rude stories about MPs or anyone else in public life. As for camping outside a person’s house as the press often do, this I feel should be stopped – allow them 24 hours then arrest those who refuse to leave – easy peazey – blocking the public right of way is how to do it.

Final edit. “The only thing you can believe in the newspapers is the advertising.” Ben Franklin, newspaper publisher, kite flyer, organist and etc.


London UK 301112.1901

Chris asks…

do you think Jack Straw is right on the veil debate?

Pip answers:

I respect other cultures and religions, but if we were to go to their country or origin, we would be made (or forced to, without right) to wear a head scarf or a veil-or other “appropriate” clothing. It seems that UK citizens are being taken advantage of-as one rule applys to muslims in respect to clothing, and another applys for us if we were to visit their country (which i have no interest what so ever doing…)

I think however Jack straw has to put the situation very delicately, especialley given the attack of extremist muslims-its very easy to tarnish all muslims the same- but they are no threat to our society in general-it is only the terrorists we should be wary about.

But saying that, terrorists appear in many forms-not only in men, but women, and even so low as using children, to put their lifes in great danger, weather it is a suicide bomber or otherwise.

The main danger i feel is in the identification of extremists who may wear the veil or the full head “covering”, (and im sure there are many out there!). As if, they are facialling covered, it is almost impossible to track them down if they have commited a crime.

Its just like wearing a mask, or wearing a cap, or a hoodie in england-if you were to go into a shop, people would immediately question what you have to hide, and would ask you to remove that particular item of clothing.

It will be easier to identify people without veils and coverings, as only 7% of communication is verbal-therefore the other 93% is in facial expressions and body language. Communication between multi races will be better also, and it would also be nice to be able to see who you are speaking to…

Plus there is the issue and morality behind the wearing of this veil or “covering”. I feel sorry for these poor women who are brainwashed into this (just as i do with “arranged marriages” which seems to offer no choice for women at all).

Should we really trust the islamic world, if it rgeards women as second class citizens, and drseses then head to toe in such garments to hide their identity and to almost take away their very existence as a woman?

As obviousley showing your face is apparantly showing that you are “sexy”. Why does islam beleieve this? Islamic men have too much power over their wifes and control. They are not animals-they are human beings and they deserve to lead normal lifes-not behind a cloth that is apparantly their religion, with only slits for eyes.

How sad a life it must be to go around hidden behind a piece of cloth, draped over your face and perhaps your entire body.

It is my personal opinion that men only get their wifes to wear such ridiculous garments, to hide the identity of their wifes-and so to stop other men coming into contact with them. It is pure selfishness.

Anyway, i think its about time Jack Straw brought about this case-in other countrys we show our respect as british citizens and wear the clothing necessary-and so it shoudl be the other way around.

If they dont like it-go back to the country that you fled from in the first place.

And think about why you fled your country-because you had no rights what so ever.

Here you do, and we should all be equal and respect the laws in britain-as in any other country.

What happened to equality? Its obviousley an issue that muslims arnt accustomed to-you only have to realise this, judged on arranged marriages (forced, or brainwashed by their parents etc) and women as “second class citizens” and property of a “man”.

What a sad existence.

Linda asks…

Do you think that surveillance technology might be a threat? Why?

Pip answers:

My honest answer is this –
Unfortunate that it maybe some forms of surveillance are now required, due to terrorism and antisocial behaviour. However the old ” You have nothing to worry about if….” thing doesn’t cut it with me. If private citizens are not trusted enough by their paranoid governments, where will it all end? In the UK you are innocent until proven guilty, but both the government and police would like to install “Demolition Man” (Winona Huxley, You are Fined 10 credits for a violation of the morality laws!) style surveillance, to catch your every indiscretion. On the TV the other day, someone showed how the RF ID unit inside an Oyster Card can track your every move. How your mobile can be tracked, to give live whereabouts information. How Number Plate recognition and face recognition technology can track you via roadside and shop CCTV. How your Visa Card can tell your every past movement and planned future movement. How your Internet searches can show you up to be something you didn’t even know you where!……………
In Short the governments of so called free country’s would like all citizens to leave the curtains open so they can watch you some more.
Actually I think that Government Ministers and Chief Police Officers must all be Kinky Voyeurs!

Mandy asks…

Islamic britain how soon?

is the christian faith dead in britain;and will islam take over britain. it looks to me like the looney left,supported by the gay community;is destroying all christian values.that will lead to islam being the strongest faith in britain;and under islamic law all gays will be hanged.I hope the gay community understands this. how soon do you think islam will take over;

Pip answers:

We are a democracy in the UK and with 3% Muslim population.

Religion and government are separate

The moral decline in the UK and decline in Christianity is not down to homosexuality but by over liberalization of attitudes and the disease of Atheism that is spreading the western world, atheism and homosexuality walk hand in hand.

The Christian church sold out to be popular and stopped being a guide of morality and standards

@ Tom There are white Muslims too not only in the UK
@ Tom , where do you think Christianity comes from ? Hahahaha

There are only a couple of Muslim countries where homosexuals are executed but in fact a few non Muslim countries where homosexuality is illegal.

@Tom Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abriamic religions from the Middle East is what I mean.

Donald asks…

To people who live in the UK?

I am starting a political party called the BPP British Piblic party would you join us to stop these issues

we believe that our country is a big brother nation and we want to cut down on the amount of powers the police have

we would like to take down CCTV cameras down from areas that don’t need them and move them to areas that do

we would like to bring the right to protest outside parliment into place

we would like to have the data protection act and last we would like to get rid of these new passports that are being inplaced there is no need for this much security

Pip answers:

Go for it, I agree with all that. I wouldn’t join the party though. The only reason I say that is because the only thing that can save the UK now is a focus on morality. The problem with the current government is that they try to make people good by law and threat. Firstly it doesn’t work as people always find a way and secondly, it restricts freedom. You have to change people from the inside and not make them good by law but make them WANT to be good. How do you re-instill that into people? I know of no other hope for society than by letting God back in. So that people don’t steal because they might be caught on CCTV but because they believe in loving your neighbour as yourself. So that people don’t drink themselves into a stupor and get into fights every weekend not because they might end up in jail but because they have no inclination to. Etc etc. Our country started sliding into despair when we started shutting God out.

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