Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Lizzie asks…

what were the reforms created by Napoleon in France?

after French Revolution, Napolean Bonaparte was the General of the military

Pip answers:

While Napoleon is often seen in terms of his military image, he was also one of history’s great administrators. Napoleon set out to make France the greatest nation in Europe. To do this, he proposed many changes and projects, ranging from a complete re-do of the nation’s legal system, including the establishment of the civil Code Napoleon, to a massive road construction project” (Markham 5).

What is also often overlooked in the long list of positive accomplishments by Napoleon was his education reforms. He even finalized a Concordat with the Pope which permitted the turnover of parochial schools in France to the State. This was truly a revolutionary move. After all, France was basically a Catholic nation. “So the state took control of the schools and strove to make them the nursery of intelligence, morality, and patriotism” (Durant 127). As a result of the state’s taking over, another law was passed which forbad any ecclesiastic to become a teacher. In other words, no more priests and nuns teaching in so-called “public” schools, including improved secondary schools. Under Napoleon, France may well have been the first country to establish different “levels” of high schools- the so-called “lycees centrales” for high-average students, and then trade schools (although they were not called that) for education in everything from mining to astronomy.

Napoleon also developed a civil code, which is still in force in France, the Code Napoleon.

Ruth asks…

There is no place for morality in Law (UK). Discuss.?

Pip answers:

There are some laws that are passed that are based purely on religious morality. I think those laws have no place in our society.

I am of the opinion that a law prohibiting a certain action should only be passed if that action cause provable harm to another person. But even that is based on a moral premise – namely, that it is wrong to harm other people. So although you may be able to cleanse the law of purely religious morality, you can’t have laws without having a moral basis for them.

CLARIFICATION: I think morality is essential to our laws. What I think is not essential or even helpful to our laws is piety. For example, if you think prositution should be illegal because it is degrading to women and increases the demand for human trafficking, that is morality. If, on the other hand, you think prostitution should be illegal because the bible says so, that is piety. I think our laws should always be based on morality, but never on piety.

Ken asks…

Has any movies ever been banned in the states?

Here in the UK movies such as Last House on the left,Chainsaw massacre series,spit on your grave were unavailable for years.

Pip answers:

Besides government know sometimes companies will ban the making of their own film or distributing a film because it may controversial. Disney is for now not producing “Song of the South.”

Here is a list of USA city film banns from Wikipedia:

1908: The James Boys in Missouri and Night Riders are banned in Chicago.
1915: The Birth of a Nation banned in several American cities, including Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis.
1917: The film Birth control, produced by and starring Margaret Sanger banned, with the New York Court of Appeals holding that a film on family planning work may be censored “in the interest of morality, decency, and public safety and welfare”.
1919-1920: Within Our Gates banned in Chicago, New Orleans, and Omaha, for its depiction of interracial rape, lynching, and racial discrimination.
1926: The Red Kimono, based on a real-life Chicago murder case and political scandal, banned in Chicago.
1928: The Racket banned in Chicago.
1931: Frankenstein banned in Kansas for its portrayal of cruelty.
1932: Freaks banned in Cleveland.
1932: Scarface, a violent gangster movie set in Chicago, is banned in Chicago.
Between 1936 and 1966 it was impossible to legally show in the US unedited copies of the “lewd” 1931 version of “The Maltese Falcon”, which was displaced by the “cleaned-up” 1941 version.
1945: Scarlet Street banned in New York City, according to Jan Morris’ book Manhattan ’45.
1949: Pinky was banned by the city of Marshall, Texas because it portrayed an interracial couple, a violation of the city’s censorship code.
1961: Victim banned in many American cities due to language. [9]
1967: Titicut Follies is barred from distribution by legal order, 1967-1992, because the movie was considered a violation of the privacy of the prison inmates it filmed.
1969: I Am Curious (Yellow) is banned as pornography. After three court cases, it was unbanned when the anti-obscenity laws concerning films was overturned.
1987: Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story is banned from sale, distribution, and public exhibition by court order after a civil trial on copyright infringement.
1988: The Last Temptation of Christ – Originally banned in Savannah, Georgia. City leaders sent a signed Petition to Universal Studios requesting a ban. Opened, however, on September 23, 1988, 6 weeks after national and worldwide debut.
2002: The Profit is prevented from exhibition by a legal injunction (April 2002-present) in one jurisdiction by a lawsuit from the Church of Scientology claiming libel, pending trial.
Theoretically, free speech in the U.S. Can also be limited if it might cause a clear and present danger of an imminent lawless action, or constitutes a copyright violation.

James asks…

Why did the U.S. government not tell us about the rendition flights landing on U.K. soil sooner?

Is there anything else that the U.S. government needs to tell the UK about while you are at it?
And when is Guantanamo going to close?
What! We didn’t NEED TO KNOW!
If you keep treating your allies like that you will soon be alone in the world.

Pip answers:

There is unfortunately a pattern here…. ‘we do not torture’ … We may have used hard techniques’ …. OK we do torture but we will change the law to reflect our interpretation of the word torture…

‘We do not operate state kidnappings’… OK we arrest combatants… OK we only operate rendition flights on our enemies….

This Administration has NO MORALITY, IT has no Friends… The POODLE, B…LIAR and his cronies like Straw are nothing more than Jacka**es and the Bush administration treated them accordingly.

When are Conservatives going to apologize to us for call us cool-aid drinkers on these issues? When?

Mandy asks…

Does Albanian culture enrich Britain?

Politically and culturally.

Pip answers:

I have only visited Albania once and it was immediately apparent that Albanian culture and technology is stuck in the stone age. The entire system of government,finance and law is corrupt from top to bottom. They have nothing to bring to the table in terms of culture or morality. They are in fact a burden.

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