Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Steven asks…

What are some social changes from the 1960s to now?

e.g. there weren’t as many fast food places then, or it wasn’t as dangerous to walk around on your own then

Pip answers:

• Women’s changing opportunities and expectations due to, for example, feminist ideas, changes in divorce and abortion laws, and new employment patterns.
• Social class: the decline of traditional manual jobs; Blurring of traditional class dictinctions
• The role of ethnicity and immigration in shaping people’s experiences and identities and the inter-action of these with gender and class.
• Educational reform and expansion through the move to comprehensive secondary schooling in 1965 and the expansion of student numbers at university: differing and changing views about the purpose of education.
• Changes and continuities in family structures and personal relationships.
• Attitudes and values: the liberalisation of laws on personal morality in the 1960s and debates about individual freedom, ‘permissiveness’, responsibility and community; the impact of declining religious practice.
• People’s hopes, ambitions and potential: how differently people (and governments) have defined ‘personal achievement’ at different times.
• Cultural history: the significance of the emergence of new and popular cultural phenomena, such as the Beatles, Eastenders and Facebook; the growth of foreign travel; debates about what, if anything could be meant by ‘quality’ in the arts and culture; the impact of technology and of America and Europe on British culture.

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Carol asks…

What sort of people become informants for money?

Is it your civil duty to report a crime or should you only grass for the readies??

Pip answers:

A lot of informants will be shady characters themselves, not big on public duty or morality who seize the chance to grass up a bigger fish and make a few bob.

What about reporters on Yahoo who “grass” people up for breaking Yahoo law. What sort of people are they? They don´t even get paid.

Paul asks…

Blair’s fortune now stands at £45million. Did he come by all of that money honestly?

Did he win the euromillions or something. 45mill seems a lot for after dinner speaking. What would be the tax implications of “earning” such a huge sum?

Pip answers:

Depends on how you define ‘honestly’ really. I doubt any actual laws were broken – his laywers would see to that – but the morality of his earnings may still be questionable.

John asks…

if a general operator is made redundant can another operator do their job three months later?

i have been told to do a job which has been brought back 3 months after being made redundant,i dont know where i stand. please help.xx

Pip answers:

Under UK law thats illegal once a post has been made redundant it cant be re-advertised as the same job for at least 6 months but many companies offer a different position with just one or 2 roles different to get round this.

Baiscally this shows the low morality and explotiative nature of a company if it has these practices. Taking the new job would then mean that YOU are more likely to be made redundant!

Mandy asks…

Why are escorts legal in the UK, most of Western Europe and Australia – but illegal in the United States?

Follow up: someone said escorting is legal – so is that some legal loophole where the actual prostitution component of escorting is illegal but paying an escort to “spend time” with you is legal?? I prefer the rest of the world’s laws.

I was thinking maybe the reason no powerful men have legalized it is because those who can afford escorts just fly to London etc. to see them.

Pip answers:

You can get an escort here… But there’s no explicit promise of sex for your money. Practically speaking? Yes, you hire an escort, you take her back to your hotel room, and either the $200 you paid already covers sex, or she comes back to “spend time” with you and then she details to you the terms and conditions.

I used to be a bodyguard for escorts so I’d know… Basically I’d drive them there and wait near the hotel room in case I heard the safe word. She had a nextel and if she beeped it I’d come running too to bust down the door and beat the guy to a pulp. Never happened but yeah.

More the reason that prostitution is illegal here is that we have this completely skewed and backwards sense of “morality” here where all these people on the right claim to be conservatives who believe in no government meddling in your private life on the one hand, but on the other, believe that it is their duty to set a moral framework for us all to abide to, and so we get these puritanical nanny-laws about these things so that it doesn’t decay the “moral fabric” of this already arse-backwards country.

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