Your Questions About Moral Responsibility Of Banks

Robert asks…

What moral or ethical responsibility should banks have towards customer loyalty?

One of Australia’s largest banks, Westpac, has announced they will be charging interest on credit card fees. Westpac already charge interest on interest for credit cards.

We’d like to know if banks should have an ethical or moral responsibility towards their customers loyalty or perhaps you may have experienced this with your own bank.

Pip answers:

As said by Lee, already happens
Banks are a business. Do you go and stand around the supermarkets, which coincidentally are ripping off farmers and other provider to complain about the cost of food and lack of service at check outs?

Long time bank worker here and fed up with the people who feel frontline staff are responsible for you not being responsible for your own finances. Go and shop around if you are not happy with your bank. Have your tried actually making time to talk with the bank staff about how your account operates, what may have changed since you opened the account and how the bank may be able to make your financial life cheaper and easier?

Be responsible for your own finances. Banks do reward customer loyalty, if you don’t know how, then talk to your bank.

Chris asks…

is it unconstitutional to force Banks to have some moral responsibility for our country and citizens?

it’s just a question, no need to personally attack me.
I don’t know why you claim “money you think you deserve.” I deserved the money I put in. I haven’t asked for anything more.

Pip answers:

Banking would work best for the country if bankers were allowed to make credit decisions on the basis of creditworthiness.

Donald asks…

How did the Republican establishment convince so many people it was the party of morals and God?

Was it due to clever marketing that masked the GOPs greed (i.e. no bid contracts to their business buddies like Dick Cheney got in Iraq, allowing corporations loose regulations to pollute the environment, treating a corporation as a person {which is ridiculous}, making a harmless plant illegal {marijuana} so the alcohol, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries didn’t have to compete with it, privatize everything like prisons so tax dollars goes into the coffers of private interests bank accounts, etc.).

When Republicans hear people like Paul Ryan say things like welfare makes people dependent and we can’t afford things like medicare and social security they hear a message of taking personal and fiscal responsibility. When Democrats hear him say the same thing they hear that he just wants to allow for more privatization so his rich campaign contributors get to take our tax dollars and use them the way they see fit, i.e. putting our social security fund in the stock market to manipulate it for their gain (how quick we forget what happened just a few years ago).

It would appear to me that the Democrats are more aligned with morals and God than the GOP due to them understanding the reality that people do need help, regardless of how much an authoritarian figure barks at them to take personal responsibility, especially when that figure may or in all likelihood, is full of total bullshit and just using that as code for “I want to take your money and give it to my rich buddies”.

Pip answers:

Brainwashing, lies and hypocrisy mostly, using psychology as well, perhaps.

GOP is a similiar word to God.

Liberals are the ones the most Christlike.


Mujer Alta

Best Answer:

“Wow! A real endangered political species appears. This Lib compares everything today’s Cons do to what Goldwater and/or Buckley might say or do. I’ll always miss them. They were men of high principle and honor. We could disagree with them but never lose our respect for them.

The hijacking of the GOP was a slow evolution that actually had its beginnings during Nixon’s tenure. The Dem and Repub parties had pretty much finished realigning by 1975 with the Southern conservative Dems moving en mass to the GOP. It was this group that formed the basis for the takeover. It was slow to gain speed but with the creation of the Moral Majority in the late 1970’s, it really started gaining adherents in the early 1980’s. A lot of their books and pamphlets were published at this time. I have a huge collection of these early works of fiction tying conservatism to the fundamentalist Christian church. The new Cons were tolerated during Reagan’s administration but they had little power. They didn’t come to power until the Congressional election of 1994 which swept a lot of the new Southern Cons into office that they became a thorn in everyone’s sides and completely displaced the traditional Conservatives of the Republican Party – most of whom seem to have become Libertarians.”

Interesting, don’t know if I agree though.


David asks…

When will the armed soldier dissapear from in front of churches?

what message does that deliver? isn’t it supposed to be the responsibility of Azhar to protect the churches not the police?
Azhar is like the Vatican of the Muslims!

Pip answers:

When our president decides to lift the state if emergency he imposed on Egypt years ago.
Until then all public gatherings including Friday prayers are subject to military surveillance and “protection”
Its bizarre and unnecessary, but I guess it is giving the conscripted soldiers something to do besides drills and road blocks.Every time I drive from the West bank to the East bank to Luxor I have to go through a road block and show my passport and even marriage papers(?).
Can you believe that I was once driving with my husband and we were asked for our marriage licence, by an 18 yr old conscript wielding his power.
Now tell me,what one earth have our morals got to do with homeland security.

Laura asks…

Should there be an ethical responsibility by banks as in credit cards, mortgages etc.?

I had no knowlege of the sol on credit cards and the bank took payments for two years. Shouldn’t there be some ethical responsibility here by them?

Pip answers:

All a SOL is good for is to prevent them from bringing suit against you. It does not forgive the debt. Even with SOL the debt is due forever, they just can’t sue you to get their money.
Why would a bank tell you, there is no moral reason.
Again Statute of Limitations does NOT FORGIVE the debt.
From the 1st payment you made the sol clock started again from the begining.

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