Your Questions About Moral Responsibility Of Banks

Donna asks…

Why is everyone crying about the destroyed CIA tapes in 2007 when they got destroyed in 2005?

why did they just now release that information? did it just become public or something?

Pip answers:

On July 4th, 1776, the founding fathers (and mothers) declared independence from the tyrannical rule of England over the colonies in America. On July 4th, 2004, two-hundred and twenty-eight years later, Americans have forgotten the true meaning of “independence.”

So on this day, a memorial of our “independence” from England, let’s activate our “independence” from the foreign powers, banking interests and federal bureaucrats in the democracy of Washington DC and restore American Citizenship and “independence” in the state republics. Without restoring the popular sovereignty of American Citizenship and the “independence” in the state republics, there is no America left to celebrate.

America became a great country because it was free. But today, America as the United States government is the most controlled, corrupted and codependent nation in the world. It is still a great country in principle, but not in action.
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Our principles and our behaviors are inconsistent and out of integrity.

We the people talk about being a free country under rule of law, but we are free no more. America is a country run by the rule of men and women without regard for the state or federal constitutions intended to limit, not expand, their power. Our leaders, all but a few, are corrupted by power. And worse is that we the people tolerate it on a daily basis and let the mainstream media manipulate our minds, feed us lies, disinformation and propaganda, and make decisions for us. Our choices for leaders are all from the same school with similar agendas.

We the people talk about democracy, but are run more like a totalitarian dictatorship with absolute disregard for the rights and property of the people of this country and the people of other countries around the world. Yet we stand by, do little or nothing and tolerate this abuse instead of accepting responsibility for our
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present condition.

The American military fights wars of intervention to bolster our weak economy and dependency on oil, and has done so for fifty or more years. The American military is being used by the global elite to implement a new world order agenda of one world government, one world bank, one world money system, one world military under the absolute control of a plutocracy, and has done so for decades. This is not America, not the America I love and celebrate this July 4th.
2 minutes ago

Wake up America

The American people have fallen asleep at the wheel of the world’s only superpower. It’s time to wake-up, stand up and be counted. With over 2.1 million people behind bars, mostly for nonviolent, political crimes against the State, America has the distinction of being the prison capital of the world.

While our children and their education has been all but abandoned by schools and parents alike; while the core family unit is broken; while the sick and diseased are left without health care and sold expensive drugs instead; while the environment is destroyed by over consumption and excess and while our moral condition is undermined by mass media, we the people have been asleep for decades. Isn’t it time to wake-up America?
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The tyranny of England in the 1700’s has been replaced with the tyranny of an ever-increasing government presence and control over every aspect of our lives. Freedom and democracy are but dreams the past. While rights and liberties are being sacrificed for the illusory “war on terror,” America is drifting down the unholy road of tyranny, a tyranny of both an unlimited government and the tyranny of the masses of disenfranchised US citizens (i.e., economic slaves).

The emerging tyranny of the federal United States government is beyond compare and has been usurped by the global elite (e.g., 9/11) for the explicit purpose of creating a world government system under their absolute control (e.g., NAFTA, GATT, WTO, IMF). The American military is the new world army, invading any country (starting with the poorer ones like Afghanistan and Iraq who cannot defend themselves) daring to challenge a world authority by asserting national sovereignty.
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Over six-hundred types of taxes, inflation and devaluation of the US Dollar burden the poor even more than the rich in America, as the power structure has found effective ways to structure assets and diversify to minimize liabilities.

Taxes consume up to 60% of the annual incomes of most Americans. Abolishing the personal and corporate income tax would not only provide an annual raise of household income, provide an incentive to empower the producers, but stop much of the corruption, theft of the public trust and wasteful pork in Washington DC

Today on this July 4th , it will take more than fireworks, flag waving and hot dogs to restore “independence” in these united states of America. America of the past is gone. America before 9/11 is gone forever.
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The America of the future will become a totalitarian, police state under the thumb of Orwell’s greatest nightmare. Worse is the majority of the American people don’t care, stand by and do nothing except turn the channel. We the people are entertaining ourselves to death under the gray sky. Love for country and a moral conscience, besides hollow patriotism and blind obedience, have all but vanished from the political landscape of scarcity-based thinking, corruption, greed, violence, moral degradation, usury and exploitation.

Well, my American friends there are solutions for those with the ears to hear, if we the people bring them forth and dare to take action before it’s too late. The hour is passing and quickly Americans will be on the road of no return and extinction. As Thomas Jefferson once predicted, “American’s will one day wake up homeless in the land of their forefathers.” And so it is happening.
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Mark asks…

Is Bill Clinton the cause of all our problems today?

Making people take out dept in the USA who had no hope of paying it back.

Pip answers:

Mick, you can blame the economic woes going on across the world on two major issues and Bill Clinton is not accountable for either of them.

#1 President Bush’s choice to invade and occupy Iraq even though there were no WMD’s or creditable link to Saddam Hussein and the 911 terrorist attacks on the USA.

The entire war effort and its cost has weakened our nations financial clout the world over and undermined consumer confidence. Many people are withholding making major purchases out of fear.

#2 Greed and watering down of the American Dream. Most people, married couples have to work hard, save through 10 years of marriage to be able to afford a down payment on a first home…. Somewhere along the way banks found a way to get just about anyone into a home and the lenders forgot something called responsibility… Don’t secure a loan for a person with limited ability to pay it back and don’t find a way to get a kid working at Taco Bell a loan for a new Mustang…. The world has lost its moral compass and it’s economic one as weill

Michael asks…

Does anyone know the latest problems facing Barclays ?

Could you please tell me what the latest problem Barclays bank is facing?

Pip answers:

Mostly their responsibility to their shareholders and their staff. First to ensure that the bank continues to be profitable and properly managed. To ensure trust and support from their shareholders, the share price in the stock market must be of high value and in demand. And dividend must be paid yearly. Second for staff moral and support they need to maintain their competitive salaries and bonus cultures. And the same for their senior executives who had work hard to ensure that the profits continue to be made yearly.

Richard asks…

If I get a felony charge, what would happen to my record?

I want to know if I get a felony charge what would happen with my record and getting a job? I made mistakes and i dont know what would happen to my future. I have a college degree and i want to be prepare if it happens.

Pip answers:

Many/most employers are prejudiced against felons even if they say they aren’t.

Generally after a certain period of time 7 to 10 years you should be able to prove you have changed or the applications won’t go that far back. Read carefully, some say EVER.

It would be hard to get certain jobs that require licensing, especially if a crime of moral turpitude. (IE: theft, prostitution, anything involving mionors like delinquency etc.)

Real estate, banking, nursing, pharmacy, teaching…basically anything that pays or has responsibility/access to drugs or kids is virtually impossible. Best bet is to do research and ask questions of licensing board. Look up the law books in your court house if need be.

It’s a shame that after you pay a debt you still are marked forever, even when trying to do things honest.

Nancy asks…

Who is at fault for our Economic Turmoil?

im not familiar with economics and politics. but i feel that we as a nation and people caused this recession. i might be wrong but i feel like greed and corruption obviously caused this but Who caused this? Investors? Gov. Offcials? Banks? Who?

Pip answers:

I think it is a combination of greed and short-term thinking coupled with inadequate governmental controls/application of those that were already on the books.

For example, I am old enough to remember that back in the day, business schools and models placed great emphasis on gathering profits for the company, longetivity, and how one could make their business a three generation, 100 year old company rather than a single generation 20-50 year company. I am also old enough to remember reading little bits and pieces in the development of the model advocating the creation of companies for the sole purpose of re-sale while the market demand for their product was hot. I also remember the business anaylists’ demand for companies to turn geometrically progressive double digit profits on a quarterly basis. Business leaders, and their value, began to be judged upon their own personal wealth. Labor became a curse word as an unbearable cost and as a way of life to the point that even low and middle income folks sought to hire out traditional yard maintenance and house keeping labor chores. Business leaders responded by stripping off company profits, assets and longetivity prospects, and labor’s improvements into their personal portfolios. The concerns of becoming an economy with few if any source products, either manufactured or raw goods, were present in the early 1980’s; one theory is that after a while, all an economy has to offer is cheap labor for use by other economies.

Socially, we began to impress upon ourselves to make choices that involved personal responsibility towards our own financial health at a time that we either reduced govenmental oversight, When legislated requirements were instituted, we allowed them to be under funded to the point of being non-existant. “We” were pleased withour selves because in the process we were reducing government, government interferance with the conduction of business, and reducing our taxes in the process. Instead, we increasingly relied on the moral compass of business and business partnerships. Some how in the process, we came to believe that we all could reap sustained, unbelievable profits while reducing our materials and labor.

On the individual home front, houses got huge with little more usable floor space. In part as fewer houses were being built for a variety of reasons, the profit on a single $500,000 house was larger and took less cost than to earn profit on five $100,000 houses. But also, because the “standard” house simply became more and larger. The same is true for all things related to clothing our selves and our houses. I like to pick on shoes: In the 1980’s or so, Imedia Marcos fled the Phillapeans with some 200 pairs of shoes. Much of the world, including the US press, were agast at the number of shoes she owned. Pre-current economic times, it was not uncommon for many of us to own 20-50 pairs of shoes; it was not unheard of for simple, middle income folks to own more than 100 pairs. Further, we believed that we “needed” this number as it was “expected” for us to have a pair of shoes, or more, for each wardrobe combination. For this to occurr, we needed to increase our shoe budgets, (sometimes beyond our means, but often beyond what would elsewise be economically prudent), be willing to accept cheaper quality for afordability, and seek cheaper production costs at the expense of other considerations. On the home front, we have adopted the 5 year plan with respect to home furnishings, remodels, and complete re-landscaping of yards. Yes, in reading some real estate magazine about 2 years ago, a kitchen is considered in need of updating for re-sale if it has not been remodeled within the previous 5 years; the same was true of bathrooms, molding, and other interior decor features, and the exterior landscape design complete with vegetation and hardscapes. One realator wouldn’t even consider taking on a house for selling unless it had such updates; this was when houses were selling and before our current housing woes. Just two years ago, I watched a national news article in which is was suggested that it was negligent for a parent to not equip their kindergardeners with cell phones so that they could be in contact with their parents as needed, in an emergency, or for rough days at school when they felt the need to talk with their parent.

As consumers, we’ve accepted these expectations. As laborers, including those once safe white-collar jobs, we accepted these expectations of reduced materials, reduced labor, and increased top-level profits. In turn, we expect the sellers of the good and services we purchase to follow the same principles. As citizens, we endorse smaller government and fewer taxes while expecting the same levels of service of the types we rely on; we’re a little less particular about those that others rely on and/or those we’re unaware of. (Take the broom closet lab of the folks who test toys and the

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