Your Questions About Moral Responsibility Of Banks

Thomas asks…

Aren’t most of the financial problems the fault of consumers and not govt or banks?

Having kids before you can afford them.

Getting married before you can afford it

Having a house before you can afford one. (having a house mortgaged to the hills isn’t “affording”)

Having a car(s) before you can afford one,

Going to college before you can afford it.

Moral of the story, if people in this country will learn to WAIT for the things they want and got rid of entitlement, self-conscious, etc…wouldn’t America not be in the mess they are in today?

Pip answers:

YES! Personal responsibility and accountability is the key. There is no one in this country that is entitled to own a home or a 60 inch LCD television. Unfortunately, the libs are defining home ownership as a “right” and the conservatives are allowing it to happen through deregulation. But the bottom line is if you can’t afford something, then don’t buy it. And if you buy it anyways, then don’t expect the rest of us to bail you out of it when it goes bad!

Ken asks…

What moral obligations do I now have to repay my debts to the banks?

Since they have taken MY money through getting bail outs?

I don’t care about my credit score AT ALL. And I mean it.
If I borrow $20 from a friend, and now my friend has no money, and he goes to a man with a big stick, a gun, and thousands of enforcement officers and tells them that they can take $100 from me by force (taxation & inflation)

Now what moral obligation do I have to repay the original $20 debt?
^^^ And above, the enforcement offers TAKE the money from me, and give it to my friend. Now he has $100 of my money for free without me ever offering it to him.

Where is my moral obligation to repay him $20?

Pip answers:

Since morality is a matter of choice, and you aren’t concerned with the repercussions, then your obligation lies within your own value system. I personally don’t think this is a matter of “two rights don’t make a wrong”. I was totally screwed by Wells Fargo right at the same time they took 25 billion in TARP handouts. I wish that I had canceled my direct deposit account before they took $1,300.00 dollars from me. But I wasn’t aware of them begging for handouts at that time. So, they got me before I could close my account. Wells Fargo notoriously employs immoral banking practices against their middle income customers. If I had had the foresight, I would have no ethical issue with leaving them to carry this debt. As it stands now, I am going to have to sue them for a debt I incurred on my Visa, due to Wells Fargo’s manipulative banking practices. And, like you’ve written, they are also looting the tax payers by taking TARP payouts. I’m a taxpayer. Screw them; and I MEAN IT TOO!
Sice banks are in the business of banking, there is absolutely no justification in claiming that they have no responsibility in the banking mess. They knew they were writing out bogus mortgage loans. It was willful incompetence. They took TARP money for practicing destructively. They asked for and got handouts for their incompetence. Yes the government was also involved. But, at that time, the banks were not obligated to make these loans; they made them anyway. Now, they are in bed with the government and just watch who they’ll be loaning money to know. If you believe there is to be no accountability with the banks who recieved TARP money, then ask yourself the following two questions: what is a banks businees; and do banks know the do’s and dont’s of that business? Simple as that. They knew this was going to happen to them. They probably didn’t know the downfall would come wholesale, but each bank understood it to their own degree. They took handouts for there willful incompetence and screwed many of their customers in the midstream in order to try to recoupe some of their losses. Then they took tax payers futre wealth for it too. SCREW THEM!

Susan asks…

How does society force conformity( physical and moral) on those individuals who are different? PLEASE HELP?

Please help in anyway you can answer.
By the way if possible try and relate this with “THE INCREDIBLES”(like how the superheroes feel different and more responsible) and on THE CHRYSALIDS (how people who are different, deviations, feel about hiding their deviation for long periods of time)
thanks guys for helping me out but Im going to have to go with the Sociology Major mister. Really detailed explanation.

Pip answers:

I’d say this sounds like a question best answered by the social constructivist school of sociology. Social contructivists basically believe that our roles in society are developed through a process of interaction with other members of society. By interaction, I mean socializing with one another. So let me use The Incredibles to explain this theory. Let’s say a child is born with some sort of genetic mutation that gives them superhuman speed, like the character Dash. Through socialization and interaction with others, Dash quickly realizes his fellow classmates get really angry when he uses his abilities in gym class so he can win in sports competitions. Dash knows that his classmates don’t like it when he uses his abilities because they begin to tease him by calling him names (e.g. “freak”, “weirdo”, “cheater”) and they might also stop inviting him to play some sport during lunch and after school. Dash interprets these actions as being negative consequences of him using his abilities. So rather than use his abilities and be ostracized, Dash might choose to hide his abilities; run normally and, in essence, conform to what he thinks society wants/expects of him (aka the norm). Based on your descriptions,I think my example would better work with The Chrysalids but I never actually read the book so I used The Incredibles instead.

These interactions don’t only produce negative consequences though. Let’s say Dash were to use his abilities in gym class again. Some of his classmates, instead of being jealous and feeling cheated, are impressed and comment on how useful his abilities can be by saying things like “Wow, if I had powers like that, I’d chase down that guy who robbed the bank” or something along those lines. This can help build a sense of responsibility, where Dash might grow up to think people expect him to use his abilities to benefit mankind.

Mark asks…

How much money do the Jehovah Witnesses give to good causes?

They are a very rich organisation with extensive property. But do they contribute to any charity when their Jehovah, whom they claim to bear witness too, tells them that charity is a virtue?

Pip answers:

The organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses maintains a “Worldwide Relief Fund.”
Also, individuals donate their time, energy, and knowledge, to help those in need, in various ways, as noted in the following:

Contributions to the Community:

“Disaster Relief”

“Literacy Programs”

‘Teaching, Instilling, & Demonstrating Moral Values’

Instead of donating money to ‘The Red Cross” and other such organizations, which have a history of having payed staff, as well as questionable practices and motives#, Jehovah’s Witnesses prefer to handle everything themselves, and receive no salaries for doing so . . . No matter what their responsibilities are in the organization. They often are the first to arrive with aid after disasters, as they are just about everywhere, and those nearby do not have to go through red tape to get into a country. In countries where many do not read, we have taught to read those who want to read & learn about the Bible for themselves, and the same goes wherever else we find such ones:

“Delighted That They Learned to Read!”
– “Apply Yourself to Reading and Writing”

“The Red Cross, for instance, made $300 million in “excesses over expenses”
from 1980 to 1987.

“The blood banks protest that they are nonprofit organizations. They claim that unlike big corporations on Wall Street, their money does not go to stockholders.

“But if the Red Cross did have shareholders, it would be ranked among the most profitable corporations in the United States, such as General Motors.

“And blood-bank officials do have handsome salaries. Of officials in 62 blood banks surveyed by The Philadelphia Inquirer, 25 percent made over $100,000 a year. Some made more than twice that much.”—“Selling Blood is Big Business”, in the “Awake! Mag of 1990, 10/22.

“Shortly following the September 11 attacks, the American Red Cross was on the scene, soliciting donations of cash and blood. Some $850 million in cash was given, and 400,000 units of blood collected. While collections were quick, disbursements were not.

“The American Red Cross was slow to distribute relief funds to the families affected by the attacks,” states The Washington Times.

“Relief funds were being used for programs unrelated to September 11,”
and a large share was slated for “long-term needs, such as [a] blood-freezing program, counseling, and future attacks.”

“With little need for the blood collected and its 42-day shelf life over, the blood “is useless and must be burned,” the article says.”—“Watching the World”, in the 2002, 8/22 “Awake!” mag.


Lizzie asks…

What would you do for your country if you become the Prime Minister?

You can tell me your ideas, what you want to do for your country, what you want to change in current situation etc. Each answer is important for me. I want to know that what is in your heart and what the people want to do for his country.

Pip answers:

1.the person who has any of govt liability like electricity bill, tax, bank loan, land tax n many more will not allow to vote in election untill they show that they r full fill all their duty n responsibility. state the CM directly chose by people n in their cabinate they can chose non polital personas minister.

3.string operationn allowed against every minister, politiacian, IAS, IPS, to punish them. of all IAS, IPS, STATE adm service correct so they do not need to be corrupt.

5.a system of prortity made in which if any crime made so before solving it police chech that the person has full fll responsibility or not if so first police case solve cases of those who paying all taxes n bill to govt. With honesty when all such cases solve then move forward to other person.

6.Responsibility fixing. Means in my state in last five year 22000 corer spend by IAS officers in electricity purchasing by other states n agency but i such a amount a generating plant of 5000 MW can be establish n state can purchase 3500 mw to other n earn 10 corer daily. But no body to ask this question now.

7. For progress of a large org. Two type leardership needed –1. Its chairman not necessary very wise but he must to provide moral leader ship –2. A top management who provide acting leadership. So i will provide moral n my topmanagement will active .
There r a lot plan i will explain next time

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