Your Questions About Months Of Summer In The Uk

Mandy asks…

How long do I need to be a resident of the UK to get a license?

I am 18 years old, born and bred in South Africa, but moved to the Middle East from the age of 12. I am a British passport holder, and my whole blood line (parents, grandparents, etc) is British. I went to Scotland to stay with the girlfriend for a few months last summer (June-August) and applied for a provisional license. There was one field I was not able to enter and it asked the length that I have been a resident of the UK.

Some have told me that I need to be a resident of the UK for 6 months before I can get a provisional license, and then onto taking my test for a driver’s license. Can anyone confirm or give any additional information?

Thanks you very much in advance for your answers.

kenspong answers:

Here is an extract from the DVLA site. It says you should be “normally resident for 185 days.

Jenny asks…

Summer work abroad as a camp counselor?

I’ll soon be starting my first year of university, but as I have a four month summer vacation following that, I’ve already started considering work options during that time. I want to enroll in the JET Program (Teaching English in Japan) post graduation, so I figured some opportunities to work abroad and with kids would do me some good. That, and really, working abroad for the summer would be awesome. The thing is, though it seems a lot of people come here (Canada) from overseas to work as counselors, the reverse isn’t always true. So, I was wondering if anyone from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, or the UK, knew of any camps in their country that I could look into for work for a summer position. Thanks!
Oh, and if you know of any other neat summer work ideas for a Canadian student, I’d love to hear them!

kenspong answers:

Hey there…you can look into doing internships or volunteer work abroad through Leave UR Mark. I used them when I did a Journalism Internship in 2010 and it was an amazing experience. It also looked really good on my resume. Here are some of their postings:

Good luck!

John asks…

Where can I find people/families in the UK who would be willing to host an America for the summer?

I’m a 20 year old American who wants desperately to spend the summer in the UK so I’m trying to find people or families who would be willing to host me for the summer by giving me a place to live or work while I am there for a few months. Where should I look? Is there a site for this kind of thing?

kenspong answers:

Try this site, just choose the area where you want to stay from the right hand side
you can place an ad, or just browse round

James asks…

My boyfriend wants to let his girl friend move in with him for 4 months, while im gone this summer?

So my boyfriend is 22 and lives in a medium sized apartment in the city, his parents pay for it so he doesnt have all that many expenses to keep up. he gets an allowance from his parents as well for food etc. a close friend of his is moving out of her huose in a month and he offered to let her stay at his place for the summer– 4 months. he doesnt need the money and its very easy to find places to stay in the city-so its not like either of them NEED this situation.

The thing is, i am not going to be around and even though ive met the girl several times, i dont feel comfortable with her living with my boyfriend for the amount of time. its not that i dont trust him, i just dont like the idea of him living with her for 4 months, basically eating, sleeping, partying, and going home together everynight. its a long time and im afraid it will change our relationship. am i being too paranoid? should i just trust him? i want too, but experience just tells me to go with my gut on this. i just dont want him to resent me for ‘keeping him’ from his friends..

also, she has a boyfriend, but he lives in the UK…they have an agreement where they can hook up with other people. i dont think my bf would cheat on me…but i think the temptation alone is worth me putting my foot down
theyve known each other for less than a year, if it helps.

kenspong answers:

No u arent being paranoid. U dont do this type of stuff when ur in a serious relationship. Even if u DO trust each other completely. I would NEVER want my bf to do that. Even if th girl was MY best friend. And I know my bf would die if I wanted to do something like that. Just tell him that u are seriously uncomfortable with this and that u dont aprove. Try to get him to see it from ur point of view. But at the same time dont be telling him what to do cause that might just make him want to do the exact opposite of what u want.

Daniel asks…

Will I be able to get a work permit for the UK?

I will be 19 at the time. I have lot of family in the UK, including people living in London, where I want to work and live. I want to work as a waitress for three months during the summer. I would probably be able to secure a job before I left with the help of my family, considering my cousin’s husband owns a couple of restaurants. I just want to know if it will be possible for me to get a work permit.

kenspong answers:

You do not say where you are from, but if you are a citizen of the EU you will not need a work permit, if you are from America then it is fairly unlikely that you would get a work permit to be a waitress whether you were working for relations or not, though there is the slight possibility that if they are registered to do so, they may be able to sponsor you.

You can check out the rules at this link…

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