Your Questions About Months Of Summer In The Uk

John asks…

Key fashion pieces for Summer 09?

I’m on a budget this year with clothes & shoes but I need to invest in some key pieces to update my wardrobe for my holiday in May and for the summer months in the UK.

I can’t afford to spend a lot but I need some casual day stuff and maybe some dresses that can be worn in the day time and night time too. I won’t be going clubbing on a night so I don’t need anything too dressy.

Using River Island, Topshop and places like that, has anyone got any ideas?? Links would be great as well if poss!

I’m just looking for some ideas. I love the floral trend that Topshop have a feature on. I also have lots of basic vest tops that can be dressed up or down too.

Thanks!! xx
Obv. anything I get for my holiday can be worn with tights for the cold weather here! Thanks x

kenspong answers:

That’s where i shop too 😀


with tights: or shorts similar


Sandra asks…

Why is it always humid during the summer months in London compared to the rest of england?

I remember once in June i was over in Manchester and traveled down to London and felt a sharp difference in temprature as soon as i left the train. It can get redicolously humid in London now during the peak summer months, similar to mediteranean countries whereas the rest of the UK stays cooler.
Why is this??

I mean the weather being better in the south than the north is utter rubbish as it pretty much rains everywhere in england, no avoiding that lol, but i do notice that it is always warmer in London than the north and even in areas in the south but generally the south is warmer, espacially during the winter months whereas the north also brings that cold breeze, why is that????

Hope someone can give me good answers to both questions,,,thanks

kenspong answers:

Well the south does have a warmer climate than the north
and also london is allot more packed up and dense in terms of buildings and London is allot busier.
More cars more people more packed = more pollution
that’s what makes it seem more humid.

Linda asks…

Colorado summer, from the UK how?

I spent last summer in the USA, Colorado (a few weeks with friends, but loved it so much, want to stay a little longer), and would like to spend another couple of months out there this summer. I am from the UK, does anyone know of any camps, or schemes, or anything, that I can do, to work in america for a few months, this spring summer or fall.. any help? I should point out that I am 21, an no longer a student 🙁 .

kenspong answers:

You’ll need to get a visa.

Search “summer jobs colorado” and see what you get. Many employers will get a certain number of visas to invite people to work.

Carol asks…

How to get wi-fi service when visiting the UK?

We’re visiting the Isle of Wight for one month this summer and bringing an Apple Mac laptop. My research shows that the way to get wireless internet is to buy a “dongle” with access for one month. My problem is that none of the online providers will let me use a USA credit card to order the “dongle” to be sent to the address in the UK. There don’t appear to be any actual stores on the Isle of Wight either. Any ideas how to handle this so that we have access to the internet as soon as we arrive?

kenspong answers:

when you arrive to the airport ask for network USB sticks from 3 or T-Mobile
usually you find them in phone stores in the airport its only 10-30 pounds
make sure you get one as top up not contract

thanks alot 🙂

Jenny asks…

If I worked out everyday for the 3 months of summer..?

If I worked out everyday for the 3 months of summer in a gym doing;

– 30 Mins Treadmill
– 20 Mins Rowing machine
– 20 Mins Bicycle
– 20 Mins core work/leg work
– 30 Mins Swimming doing lengths

would I tone up my body and lose some weight? I weigh 50kg, I’m 5’3, 18 yrs old and I’m currently a size uk 8. I would preferably like to lose the flab on my thighs and tone them up.
Does anyone know when I should start to see results and if this is a good workout to do everday?

Thank you!
I am relatively fit and have used the majority of the gym equipment. I would take rest days at weekends and probably on Wednesdays.
I’m joining the gym tomorrow so its definitely going to happen, whether or not I use that work out! 🙂 I eat well.
I just really want to shape up and get a good body soon.

kenspong answers:


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