Your Questions About Money Laundering And Banks

Daniel asks…

How is Enzyte still able to advertise and sell their product?

After being found guilty of conspiracy, money laundering, bank – wire – and mail fraud?
After being found guilty of conspiracy, money laundering, bank – wire – and mail fraud?

Pip answers:


In the US the “dietary supplement” industry castrated the FDA by lobbying for laws that don’t allow these creeps to be regulated, and also there are too many stupid people who dont understand how penises work, that believe this crap and keep sending them money. The reason Enzyte is still around is that the new owner no longer claims that the product increases the size of the penis….never mind that it doesnt do any other damn thing either, its a “dietary supplement” so you can’t regulate it under the law.

Now Extenze is really crossing the line and will be the next scam to go down. Stay tuned.

Joseph asks…

If you are suspected in a crime of money laundering, can police freeze your assets?

Say you committed fraud and money laundered the money through your bank accounts, if you were informed upon by a friend, could police freeze your accounts, say if they had a warrant for your arrest? If so, how? And if not, why not? What if you were on the run and they wanted to cut you off from your funds to get away? Thanks!

Pip answers:


Ken asks…

The Vatican Bank being investigated for money laundering ?

The Vatican Bank is being investigating for money laundering in Italy. Exactly what is money laundering ?

Pip answers:

It is like when men sell drugs and they cannot say they sell drugs, but they have tons of cash.
When asked where did you get this money, they do not look like they have a job?
So where did the money come from? They can’t say I earned it selling drugs?

So they put up false fronts that look like stores or businesses and say I am selling washers and dryers. Even then any thinking persons knows you cannot make a million dollars selling appliances.
So they use all kinds of outlets. Same with gambling money.
They buy things no one knows about where they can pay cash. Say they want to buy a house?
They can’t, but they can buy land, pay someone to excavate it, then a private person to lay cement, etc, etc. Each is paid separately cash. That is called money laundering.
When they are done they have a house.

So the Vatican Bank gets donations from around the world and they don’t even want the government to know how much they have or even the people, because that is the public money and they have to do so much charitable work for the money they make. Which they never do.
So they hid the fact they have more money than they are doing good with. Using the money to have extravagant life styles that few of the public who donate can afford.

Laura asks…

how are shell companies used to launder money whether the banks are offshore or not? how is money laundering?

done through shell companies regardless of what type of banks are being used? financial institutions but preferably banks in any given part of the world or even within the united states? does anyone know how this process is allowed to happen without it being fully stopped? how are shell companies able to hide money laundering regardless of where its happening? for example, if someone has a bank account and is receiving stolen funds into that account regardless whether its an offshore account or not, how are they able to launder money and keep doing it without someone asking them where the funds are coming from? bribes? having the right connections? what type of bank officials will allow for this to happen? can corruption allow for this type of money laundering not to be fully decommissioned? is it offshore banks or regular banks where the most money laundering takes place? would a shell company in an offshore bank be how the most money laundering take place? can a shell company hide the illegal stolen funds that are being received into a private bank account assuming its offshore or not? can an expert please answer. thank you.

Pip answers:

I am not an expert but I will try to explain it to you.

Money laundering happens when money made illegally is put into a legit business. Maybe this is done by buying into a business partnership or whatever. Then, a short time later, the person can if they wish sell their portion of that business and ask that the money from the sale then be sent to a specific company or bank account This one being phony. It looks legit to the banks. To all appearances, this company now has an account and again, the banks have no way of knowing where the first money came from.

By having off shore accounts that are not as keenly watched as the ones in this country, the whole process is comparatively easy to begin. Then a couple hundred bucks to the right person and you are in.

Hope you’re not thinking about doing that are you?

Robert asks…

Why does my bank do money laundering checks on me every six months?

I’ve been checking my credit reports with experian and equifax and on both credit reports I have a long list of checks against me by my bank every six months which say “Identity Check to comply with Anti Money Laundering Regulations Rbs – Branchs/service Centres” why are they doing this? I’m not a criminal and any money I have is money I’ve saved. I do have £40,000 in savings and I’m 22. Could that be the reason?

Pip answers:

After looking at your previous questions about this money ,I personally James I think you need help with your £40,000 stories.
You do seem to have a serious fixation about it,almost all of your recent questions are about it,

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