Your Questions About Money Laundering And Banks

Maria asks…

For a home purchase, is it required that money be in my bank for 60 days?

Because of the anti-money laundering laws here in the USA, I was informed by a real estate salesman that down payment money must be in my account for sixty days.

Searching the wording in the USA PATRIOT Act, I could not find justification for his statement. Is he correct?

Pip answers:

No matter what anyone else says here is the truth.

The money has to be “sourced and seasoned” meaning the bank requires a detailed paper trail showing where the money came from. The basic reason is lenders are making sure you did not “borrow” the money without disclosing the terms of repayment as this will effect your debt to income ratio. Even in the situation of “gift funds” lenders will verify that the donor had the ability to gift the funds by requesting bank statements from the donor.

The money does not need to be in your account for 60 days as long as you can provide sufficient documentation showing where the money came from.
For example – lets say your down payment is coming from a bonus you received from your employer, this should be very easy for you to document and would not require 60 days seasoning.
On the other hand, if you can not document where the money came from, you can season the money by “holding” it in your account for at least 60 days.

Sandra asks…

Offshore banking used to be associated in the past with criminals: Why are Americans accepting it now under?

Jew Control US government? Was it when the Jew CEO of Goldman Sachs turn adviser for GW Bush

Offshore banking has been associated in the past with the underground economy and organized crime, through money laundering.[3] Following September 11, 2001, offshore banks and tax havens, along with clearing houses, have been accused of helping various organized crime gangs, terrorist groups, and other state or non-state actors. However, offshore banking is a legitimate financial exercise undertaken by many expatriate and international workers.

Pip answers:

If rich people like it, then it must be good for all of us.

Paul asks…

Is there a long lasting career doing KYC Anti Money Laundering within an investment bank?

Does any work in compliance that could give me advice ? I have the option to get back into an investment bank I want to make a long lasting career within a bank and would like to know if I am making the right decision. Is there much progression in KYC AML and can you make a career out of it ?? Please help ! ! !

Pip answers:

IT career-

Betty asks…

Do USA citizens Condone the Corruption running rife in their Country? Is US most Corrupt Country in the World?

False Flag Ops Assassinations? CIA Drug Dealing, Money laundering, ! Banksters in Control? Or worse Out of Control?
Can the USA ever recover its pride? And rid itself of these Evil Tyrants that are in Power?
can USA be saved If the Rot is so Deeply ingrained into the System?
Anyone who brings it to the attention of the Public is written of as a Conspiracy Nut? Whilst the majority of its Citizens are all in a state of Apathy!

Pip answers:

I’m gonna say your last statement answers your first question: the majority of the citizens are all in a state of apathy and do not believe there is anything they can do about the corruption and also believe that it doesn’t really affect them that much.
I choose to be among those written off as a conspiracy nut, however, I recognize the corruption as being worldwide. Multinational companies which are owned by the super rich are selecting the candidates on both sides which voters then pick between, so that no matter who wins the office, the super rich have a puppet. The super rich can transfer assets or sell a company which later takes all the blame instead of the owner. This is just generalization, but there are worse things afoot than the small time crooks in the local government. Yes, it’s at all levels, but usually it is the poor and middle class who get taken advantage of, because the small time crooks in local government just can’t get away with doing it to the rich.
There again, the CIA drug dealing and money laundering is on a lower level than what goes on with banks and monetary policy. People in power at all levels will take advantage of who they can, and it is usually the working class with which they can get away with it.
The super rich are naturalists who believe that the world cannot sustain such a large population for much longer, so there has been many conspiracies to shorten the life span of the majority of the population by increasing the incidence of preventable disease. One of these which is ongoing is Codex Alimentarius. One of the trade laws requires the irradiation of all food which lowers the nutritional value (destroys vitamins) while maintaining the caloric value. Certain vitamins have been classified as toxins while true toxins (poisons) have had their allowable level increased.
Fluoride in the drinking water was a scheme to gain control of the populace by making them complacent and apathetic. Now the horrible results of it are becoming apparent, it may be a matter of time before we can stop the fluoridation of drinking water, yet it is still being fluoridated today.
While I think the USA can eventually be saved, I don’t expect to see it in my shortened lifetime.
I can’t really compare other countries because I don’t know them, but I can say that the U.S. Has a lot of corruption.
I recently learned that 400 people in the U.S. Most of whom benefited from the government bailouts own more wealth than 50% of the entire U.S. Population. Now I am not against people being obscenely rich. But these people that got paid by government bailouts basically took that money from the working class. They did not earn it, they got bailed out. That is an abomination.

Joseph asks…

how do i make these nigerians stop emailing me fake lottery winnings?

man, am fed up, i receive daily about 3 to 6 emails from nigerians in some deepshit trying to use my bank account for money laundering, or some fake Uk lottery winnings, << i don't even live in the uk!

how do i make them stop?

how do i make them stop!

Pip answers:

Block them!

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