Your Questions About London Weather

George asks…

London weather?

I’m considering going to london during spring break in march,
how is the weather that time in the year?

kenspong answers:

Changeable. It’s not likely to be hot, but there may be warm spells, showers and/or winds. We’ve also known there to be a little sleet or snow at that time of year.

Despite what everyone seems to say, it does not rain all the time!

I suggest you consult the weather forecast shortly before you travel here.

Betty asks…

how will the London weather be in mid October?

i will be in London in mid October for a week. usually, how is the weather at this time of the year? is there a site where we can check the weather of the previous years?

kenspong answers:

Here in London the weather in October is usually mild – around 60F+ most years.

The overall climate in London is mild with less rain than the city of Rome.

Even though London is further north than Moscow, due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, UK and thus London, remaind quite mild in the Autumn (Fall) and Winter months.


The link below gets you the Met Office with more weather info and stats.


Go to the Trafalgar Square and get a ‘window view’ of what the weather is like in central London – refreshes every 5 seconds

John asks…

How is the weather in London? And what clothes should i put in my Bag to wear in there?

How is the weather London in June? And what clothes should i put in my Bag to wear in there?

kenspong answers:

The weather in England is SO changeable, one day it can be 23 degrees the next it can be 15 degrees c. One day it can be hot and sunny, the next cold windy and rainy!

The best thing is to pack both shorts and long trousers, t-shirts and long sleeved shirts. Most definitely bring a raincoat!

Enjoy your trip x

Thomas asks…

What are your predictions for the london weather as from September..????

No denying this weather we have had till now has been ATTROCIOUS..

Do you think it will be better as of the new school year (September) in London UK?

kenspong answers:

Average High: 68°F (20°C)
Average Low: 54°F (12°C)
Average wet days: 13 days
Average daily sunshine: 4.5 hours

William asks…

How is the weather in London early weeks of April?

I’m going to London early weeks of April, and I was wondering if the weather is hot or cold and if the students there has already started their holiday

Also I’ll be visiting other parts of UK like Cambridge.
How is the weather there?

I’ve been to London before, but not Cambridge

Another thing, what about other parts of Europe, like Milan and Paris?
Is it cold there?

I’m for Asia, so I wanted to be prepared of the European weather

Thanks 🙂

kenspong answers:

The average temperature in London in early April is about 13 defrees C, 55 f. Expect the odd wet day, sunny days and days with a mixture of rain and sun. Cambridge is only 60 miles from London so has much the same weather. Just hop on a train at Kings Cross Station and you will be in Cambridge in 45 minutes
The students at Cambridge University will be starting their holiday but schools will start theirs just a few days before Easter
Paris and Milan will be slightly milder than London

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