Your Questions About London Times

Ken asks…

Where can I buy a reprint of the London Times newspaper?

I recently found out I was mentioned in the London Times a year ago, and would love to obtain that paper, but I live in the US and like I said, it was a year ago 😉

I’m just wondering if there is any way or Web site to order reprints of the London Times? Thanks!

kenspong answers: is their site you’ll need to search or maybe ask for copies. Or try libraries – if you ask your local librarian she will be able to help you more than I ever could.

Michael asks…

University of East London Times University Ranking for 2011?


Can some one please tell me what the university of east london‘s overall ranking is on the times higher education rankings for 2011.

I only want to know the Times university rankings for 2011, so some one who has an online subscription with the times, could you please tell me?

PS. I do not mean the Sunday Times. I just want The Times.

kenspong answers:

You can check yourself following this link:

As you can see they are 107th

David asks…

can anyone explain to me what this means please from a times london leading business article?

This is a quote from an article in todays london times:

“Analysts’ earnings forecasts for companies globally were just too high at the start of this year, and they came down aggressively and in much greater number than upgrades.”

upgrades what are upgrades?

kenspong answers:

An upgrade is where an analyst changes their view and thinks a company will do better than they originally predicted.

William asks…

Why do people insist on calling The Times either the London Times, or The Times of London?

Nobody calles The Daily Telegraph the London Daily Telegraph, or The Sun, The Sun of London, or The Guardian the London Guardian etc etc etc. The only reason I can think of is that Americans will assume if one just says The Times, that the reference is to The New York Times and not The Times. Yes, as in…. London, England ….. just so you don’t confuse it with London, Ontario…. There, I’ve answered my own question!

kenspong answers:

The Times of London is the full title of the paper!

Also, there are other ‘Times’ around, such as the Financial times, the New York times, and if you are quoting or referencing, you need to be specific.

Lizzie asks…

Is the curiously pink Financial Times Of London truly the best and most unbiased newspaper in the world?

Is the curiously pink Financial Times Of London truly the best and most unbiased newspaper in the world?

I know some people will say the Wall Street Journal, which is considered by some a bit conservative, right leaning by some, and some will say The London Times, but honestly, is there truly a more balanced yet informative newspaper/media outlet in the world ? And please don’t say the New York Times, overly leftist, or papers like the USA Today or The Sun (very inane and mediocre)

kenspong answers:

All papers lie

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