Your Questions About London Times

Donald asks…

When is peak/off peak times to use rip off london underground?

Hi thanks for clicking on my question.Just wondering as i have a journey to make across london tomorrow on daylight robbery London underground.Time is not of the essence tomorrow so just trying to avoid peak times so i can be nearly squashed to death in a tube carriage and pay a fortune for it .Any info grateful for thanks .

kenspong answers:

After 9.30 and before 5, so you’re missing the rush hour. However, they are always pretty crowded, especially in summer as there are loadsa tourists around. Also, sadly its not like the overground – it isn’t any cheaper to travel off-peak, its always the same.
Agree with you, tis really expensive, but it is fast. You got an oyster yeah? Its cheaper than travelcards

Susan asks…

How do you say “Having visited London several times myself..” in French?

The full phrase I would like to say is “Having visited London several times myself, I would recommend visiting the Science Museum”

Any help would be appreciated, thanks 🙂

kenspong answers:

I agree with uh huh but
it s rather “recommAnderais” 🙂

Lisa asks…

What are the weekday peak train times leaving London Paddington?

Hello! I need to travel from London Paddington to Bath Spa on Monday. Please can someone tell me when the peak times are? I have asked at the station and have had varying responses ‘from 3pm’ and ‘from 4pm’. Cant find anything online to confirm!?

kenspong answers:

An off peak single (£37.00) is valid up to and including 16:30. The next train, 17:00, is then classed as peak so you will need to travel before this. Alternatively you can travel 19:00 onwards which is when the service becomes off peak once again.These times relate to the route Paddington to Bath Spa only.

Mark asks…

Where can I find a copy of a London Times article from October 1862?

This article was on Lincoln’s preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. I know that it said:

“Where he has no power Mr. Lincoln will set the Negroes free, where he retains power he will consider them as slaves. This is more like a Chinaman beating his two swords together to frighten his enemy than like an earnest man pressing forward his cause.”

If anyone knows where I can find a copy of this article (preferably a website) I would be grateful. Thanks!

kenspong answers:

Unfortunately, newspaper archives that far back are generally not available for free online. If you have the time, you can request a copy of the article via InterLibrary Loan at your local library or school library. If you need something now, the best I could find is this page:

It is Page 344 of the book, “History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850,” which as you can see is freely available online via Google Books. The large footnote on Page 344 has a large excerpt from the London Times article in question, and even better, from the part immediately preceding the part you have.

Best of luck in your project!

Michael asks…

Where can I find a copy of the London Times newspaper in Pittsburgh, PA?

The online version will not do. I need a physical copy.

kenspong answers:

You could try a news vendor at the Pittsburgh International airport.

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