Your Questions About London School Of Economics

Nancy asks…

How to TRANSFER to London school of economics from American University?

What are the minimum requirements needed for me to transfer to London school of economics from my current university in the US. Btw, I am a freshman. Their website doesn’t have much information regarding transfer students..
For example, since I’m aldready in college, will they only look at my college gpa, or will they also ask to see my high school GPA and SAT scores?

Thanks for your help.

kenspong answers:

I looked at their website, and it says that admission in the second year is unusual, and that they do not admit anyone beyond that point. From the things they say, I would guess that you would not be transferring anything there, but would be applying for initial admission (they point out the uniqueness of their programs, which makes transferring almost impossible), and yes, they would look at your high school GPA and SAT scores. They also say that they get about 5,000 applications from overseas students every year and admit 400-600.

Sandy asks…

What miniumum GPA do I need to get into London School of Economics?

I need the lowest gpa possible to get into London School of Economics.
And what kind of things does my scholarship have to present?
What are they looking for?
How is it?
Are the people there nice?

kenspong answers:

Hi, I’m a student at LSE, studying Law.

In terms of the grades needed to get into the university, it completely depends on the course you would like to take. The minimum requirement is 3 A levels. A common mistake many applicants make when applying to the LSE is that they assume that more A levels is better.

Although the subjects of your A levels are very important. For example if you are currently studying Art, Media, English and Law, I would suggest you take an extra A level as they look for applicants with a strong academic background (as well a pretty good GCSE/highschool results). Art and Design sort of subjects are not prized highly by the LSE, so you should aim for 3 academic based subjects.

Especially as the LSE does not do interviews for their selection process, you should concentrate on creating an impressive personal statement. They are looking all-rounded academics with an interest in sports or debating, i.e. Non-academic interests.

When writing your personal statement you need to bear in mind that the best way to communicate to the person reading it is through your subject. For example, when applying for law, I wrote about not just my interest in law, but specific areas which interest me. The topic of degree subject should take up at least half of your personal statement. The other half should explain you as a person, your motivations, your achievements and future aspirations.

The people are not as sociable in LSE as in other universities sadly, I’ve been studying here two years, I enjoy living in London and occasional events held by the university. Overall, the work is very hard, their standards are continuously rising but the academic opportunities presented are amazing! It is a honor to be a student at the university as it presents you with so many academic possibilities and the name of the university is so well known that the majority of their graduates do not struggle finding well paid jobs.

Helen asks…

I was thinking of attending summer school at london school of economics. Is it worth going to?

I have completed my first year of graduation and was thinking of going to london to attend summer school at london school of economics. Is it worth?

kenspong answers:

If its is actually being held by the LSE, it will be well worth it, as you are sure to learn some worthwhile things AND is it going to look impressive on your c.v./résumé.
If it is merely being held in the premises of the LSE by another institution, look into the background of that institution; some colleges and universities hire out rooms to outsiders.

George asks…

Looking for best place to rent and live near London School of Economics in London, UK.?

I will be a graduate student at the London School of Economics and wondering if there is any advice on best place to rent an apartment. Would Waterloo Station area be best? Or perhaps Chancery Lane?

Any help would be very appreciated !
Edit: I am looking for something suitable for couples.

Thanks for your help.

kenspong answers:

My daughter just completed her Masters at Courtauld. She lived in Lillian Penson Hall. It is across from Paddington Station. Small room with meals but worked well.
Might check it out.

Paul asks…

how to apply for london school of economics from america?

I’m a 11th grader in an American high school and want to go to london school of economics. It would be great if you can inform me on the cost of tuitionn and on how to apply. Please don’t post ignorant answers cuz this isreally seriouss question. Thanks for any informative answers.

kenspong answers:

All applications are done through UCAS. Http://

Application Process-

The American High School Diploma is not sufficient as an entry qualification to LSE on its own. Applicants should offer in addition at least five relevant two-semester subjects at Advanced Placement (AP) level with minimum grades of 4 and 5 (depending on the varying standard offer for the course). At least three AP’s should be taken in the same exam season. For programmes requiring AAA at A level (see the relevant entry in the Undergraduate Prospectus) grade 5 in five two-semester AP courses is expected. For programmes requiring AAB and ABB at A level grade 5 in at least four (of five) two-semester AP courses is expected. For programmes requiring BBB at A level grade 5 in not less than three (of five) two-semester AP courses is expected. When Maths A Level is a required subject Calculus BC is expected. Economics Micro and Economics Macro are counted together as a single two-semester subject.

Subjects classified as relevant are:

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
European History
French Language
French Literature
German Language
Italian Language and Culture
Latin Literature
Latin: Vergil
Physics (B and C)
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
United States History
World History

For all non-UK/EU (overseas) students, universities charge fees to cover the full cost of tuition. For 2011 entry, the tuition fee for overseas undergraduate students will be £14,592 ($23374.81) for the first year. Fees for overseas students will rise each year by at least the level of inflation. Http://

If you need any further clarification feel free to send me an email.

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