Your Questions About London School Of Economics

Mary asks…

what is the scope of bsc.economics and management from LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS?

I want to know that if I do bsc.economics and management from ISBF,DELHI (it is the affliate centre of university of London international programs and its lead college is London school of economics)what is the scope and job than can I get.thanks in advance 🙂

Pip answers:

Its better to ask your question in Career Forums, there you will have discussion with experts and group of students.

Good luck.

Michael asks…

What were your predicted IB scores that got you a conditional from London School of Economics?

I am going for the Economics Degree. I have been predicted a 37 – 39 including bonus points. Will this be enough?

Pip answers:

Depending on where you are from.
They are more lenient on international students
you must have a 7 in HL maths…or else don’t think about it….and your other 2 HLs should at least be 6s.
So if you have 7(math),6,6 in your highers and 38 points or up then ur fine as an international student. If ur british, then maybe not.
Personal statement is also important.
Good luck~

Laura asks…

Exactly how good is the London School of Economics?

Im thinking about possibly studying there for law school. But im not sure how renowned and well known this place. And whats its reputation around the world like?

Pip answers:

It is one of the best institutions in the world. I do not know if in the US is well known but in Europe will make sure that you will have an excellent career.

It has great programs and some of the best academics in the world. Of course it is mostly known for its faculties teaching economics, finance, business and HR.

If you have the grades, you are up to really hard work and have the money to pay the high tuition fees go for it (for the MBA it was, for full time one year course, 25,000 pounds). You will not have a normal student life but it would be a really good investment.

I wish I was accepted there for my MBA. Unfortunately my GMAT grades were not high enough. Bad luck.

George asks…

What do you think about the London School of Economics?

What is it’s reputation, ranking or common thought on the school?

Pip answers:

It’s a great university. One of the best.

According to the Times Good University Guide, it’s 4th in the country.

John asks…

What does the London school of economics usually require of students looking to do their masters there?

Iv done my BA in psychology and plan on pursuing occupational psychology, human resources, employment relations, or something like that.
do they need some sort of work experience or certificates to prove that i was a part of any extra curricular activities?

Pip answers:

Probably good reference and probably if u get a first or a 2.1

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