Your Questions About London School Of Economics

Michael asks…

what subjects should I take in A levels in get into the london school of economics and political science?

I really want to go to the london school of economics and political science in department of ECONOMICS. So how many subjects should I take in A levels, what subjects should I take and what grades do I have get in them.
Your reply would be very helpful.
Thank You

kenspong answers:

History and English for certain. And Maths. Probably NOT economics!

Robert asks…

the best laptop for educational purposes london school of economics?

i will soon be joining the london school of economics(lse) .

i wanted to know which is the best laptop for me for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

also my course is —– actuarial sciences.

i already have a macbook but would like something else.

any help is greatly appreciated .

thanks in advance.

kenspong answers:

PC specialists allow you to select only the components your need so you will get a powerful machine without wasting money of graphics cards and big screens. Also you can get XP.

Go for XP pro, 2-3GB ram a 2-2.5 GhZ processor and get the Bluetooth transponder so you can connect to your phone etc. Honestly DON’T get Vista.


Nancy asks…

Is london school of economics’ summer school easier to get into than applying for a 4 year or graduate degree?

I know the school has a low acceptance rate, but is is the same for summer study abroad programs, or for semester programs? I am in the process of applying but I won’t bother to continue if it’s the same b/c I defenetly don’t have LSE grades quite yet.

kenspong answers:

Much easier to get into the summer school and the study abroad programme than to be accepted as a full undergraduate. The LSE funds itself almost entirely out of its international student fees.

David asks…

What is the entry requirements for the London School of Economics?

Basically i just wonderedd whatt they would look for in terms of gcses and a level results for an economics course of some kind?
I thought at A level you could only get an A not an A*???

kenspong answers:

Basically for A levels they expect an A* in maths and A’s in the other two A levels. Also they like Further Maths although they don’t state it as a requirement. I also remember it was ridiculously competitive with a 15:1 applicant to place ratio.

As for Gcse’s they don’t say although the more A* the merrier!

Donna asks…

Is a Diploma from the London School of Economics worth pursuing?

I have the option of going for a Diploma in Economics at the LSE, but I was curious as to how a Diploma is looked at in the UK? I want to achieve one before I go on to a Masters. Is it worth the investment? Are Diplomas just like Certificates or something in the UK?

kenspong answers:

The London School of Economics don’t do Diplomas. Where did you get this offer from ?


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