Your Questions About London Olympics

Thomas asks…

What does the London Olympics 2012 have to offer for the younger people?

I’m doing a project about what the London Olympics have to offer for the young people (in East London mainly) and I would like to have some ideas.
e.g. more jobs, opportunity for them to become an athlete etc…


kenspong answers:

More job opportunities, inspiration to young people, and a chance to meet other people.

These should give you the ideas you need. Just come up with a good thesis statement for the essay and you can go from there.

Maria asks…

Who will win baseball in the London Olympics?

Okay, so I am rooting for Korea. Now, I know that Korea won in the last olympics in beijing, but japan won in the world baseball classic. Who will win in London?

kenspong answers:

Baseball and softball are no longer a part of the Olympics.

Michael asks…

1000 days to the London Olympics start?

with just under 1000 days (997) till the start of the London Olympics are any users planning to be motivated to get fit and perhaps enter some of the try outs? or at least be influenced to put more activities in their lives for the nest 2 years?

I think we have a great opportunity in the UK to reduce the never ending tide of obesity which is tearing across out cities.

2 questions really, all thoughts gladly accepted.

kenspong answers:

I’m training for the Olympic Trials in 2012 in track and field! Go USA!

Ruth asks…

What kind of preparations should the Philippines have in order to win a medal in the 2012 London Olympics?

After 16 days of intense and memorable moments of sports competition, the 2008 Beijing Olympics came to a close with the Philippines failing to bring home a single medal unlike Southeast Asian neighbors Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, all of which bagged at least a silver. What can be done so that in the next Olympics this 2012 in London, England, we have more chances of winning a medal and maybe even finally bring home our first gold?

kenspong answers:

I think the Philippines officials must find out what kind of sport which the native athletic game competitors is good at and mastered at. The second step is to start training right now before it is too late. Who are those best athlete in Philippines? After the initial training and trial then it will be the time to test and find out the performance if it will be able to domain the competition in 2012 Olympics in London. Why and how the Chinese athletes earned 51 gold medals are stated in the followings.
1) The best ones are chosen to train for the Olympics competitions
3) Best coaches are hired
4) Monitoring the trainees closely and carefully on a daily basis.
5) Ensure that both trainers and trainees are dedicated to sport
6) All Chinese sport competitors are treated training is a full time job.
I think Hong Kong doesn’t bring home a medal either. Those competitors competitors are trained by top pay trainers mainly from China. I personally think that the Hong Kong athletes are not dedicated to sport. Rather, they are too much in pursuing materialistic matters and life styles of Hong Kong-do least and get the highest pay in this world. I think that the Hong Kong cronyism of fascist government making highest civil servants’ salaries making Hong Kong a total failure in sport. It has something to do with Hong Kong pollution too. Sportsmen and normal citizens are easily getting tire out in Hong Kong foul air. I think Wushu is more appropriate for oriental peoples. However, it will difficult to compete with those Chinese kung fu masters.
I guess it is necessary to select one kind of sport that Philippinos are good at. For instance, Indonesia and Malaysia are good at one kind of sport only and they won a double in gold and a silver in a single, Singapore has hired the Chinese seconders from the China’s table tennis team. I think boxing may be easier for Philippines. It doesn’t cost that much. As two Chinese gold and silver medal winners are from poor provinces, I think the other Asian countries can do it, too.

Lisa asks…

Who can work in the london 2012 olympics?

i am a college student in Georgia, US, and i am interested in working in the 2012 london olympics. do i have to be a citizen of UK in order to work there or would they hire people from around the world? i really want to go to the olympics in 2012, and i thought it may be a good experience to work there while watching the olympics.

kenspong answers:

Most of the people working there are volunteers, but there are job opportunities. I volunteered for the 2010 winter Olympics, and it was the best experience ever. All I did was submit an application on their website, and got accepted.There were several training programs I had to do before the Olympics as well. For those Olympics, you could have volunteered if you weren’t a citizen. However you would have to pay for accommodation. I’m not sure how is goes for the 2012 Olympics. Go to their website…


I saw a “get involved” tablet, so I suggest you go there to get all the information. 🙂

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