Your Questions About London Fog

John asks…

What is the nutritional information of a Starbucks London Fog?

It is a LARGE London Fog, non-fat, non-sugar, made with peppermint tea rather than Earl Grey…
Thanks! 🙂
Thanks for your answer, but no, it is made with Tazo tea, and they put sugar-free vanilla syrup in it. So how do I find out the nutrition information in that?

kenspong answers:

If it’s a different tea, it’s not a london fog tea latte. . .

The peppermint tea at SBs is called “refresh tea” you would have to ask for that to be made like a tea latte. The London Fog also is made with vanilla syrup, so you can get sugar free vanilla, but idk how it would taste with refresh tea.

A venti with Non-fat, now it varies a litte different because you want sugar free syrup, and that isn’t on here:

Serving Size 20 fl. Oz.

Amt Per Serving

Calories 200

Fat Calories 0

Total Fat (g) 0

Saturated Fat (g) 0

Trans Fat (g) 0

Cholesterol (mg) 5

Sodium (mg) 120

Total Carbohydrates (g) 40

Fiber (g) 0

Sugars (g) 40

Protein (g) 10

Vitamin A 10%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 35%

Iron 0%

Caffeine (mg) 15

The refresh tea is 0 in everything, but the caffiene varies from the different teas, and that is not on the website.

Lizzie asks…

What is the title of a teen mystery book about a red ruby stone in London fog with opium dens?

There was a girl as the main character. Her dead father. A red ruby that everyone wanted. On the cover was a bridge with alot of fog. Opium dens. And in London.
Does anyone know that book?

kenspong answers:

The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman
“This book takes place in 1872. A sixteen year old girl named Veronica Beatrice “Sally” Lockhart goes to where her father used to work, a shipping company named Lockhart & Selby. Sally’s father, Matthew Lockhart, died when his ship, the Lavinia, sank when he was coming back from talking to the Dutch shipping agent Hendrik VanEeden. Matthew Lockhart was a former army man and her mother was a deceased fighter in the Indian Mutiny herself. She received a note in the mail that morning and went to ask her father’s partner, Samuel Selby, what the note meant. Instead she saw Mr. Higgs, Mr. Selby’s secretary, and asked him two things: if he knew of a man named Marchbanks and if he had heard of something called the “Seven Blessings”. After she asked about the latter, Mr. Higgs had a heart attack and died. She tells the porter and finds out that she has to go to the inquest because she was a witness. Sally meets a thirteen year old office boy named Jim Taylor to whom she shows the letter. Jim informs Sally that the letter said that the man named Marchbanks lived in Chatham in Kent. He also volunteers his help, but she doesn’t need it at the moment. Sally goes back to her aunt’s house, where she lives now, and is mocked by her aunt at having no ladylike accomplishments (she CAN shoot a pistol and do financial work). Sally visits a man called Mr. Marchbanks, while she is there he gives her book containing information about things which happened when Sally was little. Marchbanks tells her she must leave because there is a woman in his house who is their enemy. The woman follows Sally away from the house but Sally hides from her in a photographer’s tent. She gets on a train and starts to read the book. She falls asleep and when she wakes up the book is gone and the only thing left behind are a few loose pages”.

Lisa asks…

I tried the new London Fog Latte @ Starbucks, it’s good! What’s in it & what are the health benefits, if any?

I tried the new London Fog Latte @ Starbucks, it’s good! What’s in it & what are the health benefits, if any?

kenspong answers:

1.) What’s in it?
In the London Fog, in order, is Earl Grey Tea, water, Vanilla Syrup (you can ask for the Sugar Free Vanilla if you prefer), and steamed milk (the standard is 2% if you don’t request differently.

2.) What are the health benefits?
Possible health benefits of tea include: anti-cancer properties, increased metabolic rate, possible anti-diabetes effect, boosts mental alertness, boosts immune system, lowers chances of cognitive impairment, lowers stress hormone levels, oxalates, and has effects on bad breath, effects on bacterial and fungal infections.

Steven asks…

what is the value of a men’s london fog coat, made in the 1960s?

I found a men’s coat made by london fog from the 1960’s, size large with paisley lining and a zipped in fur lining, someone wants to buy it from me, what would be a good price?

kenspong answers:

Anywhere from 300-1000 pounds.

Laura asks…

What is in a London Fog (coffee drink?)?

I was at this coffee place and they had a drink called “London Fog” and I can’t figure out what is in it. I wanted to try it but decided not to. I looked online and could only find the cocktail version. Does anyone know what this is?

kenspong answers:

A london fog is a a tea drink, it is earl grey tea made normally, mixed with steamed milk and some vanilla syrup.
It is delicious, you should try it.

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