Your Questions About London Fletcher

Donna asks…

My Coach calls me the next London Fletcher?

last year i was the most impressive freshman on the LB side
im 5’8 and 193lbs but get called the Fletcher on my football team is this good or bad

kenspong answers:

He probably meant you are an overachiever, playing beyond your physical limitations. Be proud.

Mark asks…

Who is London Fletcher-Baker, and where did he come from!?

Checking up on my Bears, and NFL stats… Notice this guy named London Fletcher-Baker of the Bills leads the league in tackles… (

Is he new to the league, some no name guy in his breakthrough year, or has he just slipped under my radar?

kenspong answers:

London has been in the league since ’98. He signed as a free agent with the Rams out of college from a small school just outside Cleveland called John Carroll.

He was traded to the Bills in ’02. The guy is a real player.

He changed his name recently, adding the Baker, in order to honor his dad and grandfather.

Donald asks…

someone offered me Joseph Addai and London Fletcher for stephen jackson should i accept?

my defence isn’t that great! I have Jackson

kenspong answers:

Hell ya do it jackson is a bust i beg u do it lol na reall u should do it

Laura asks…

Is London Fletcher a future Hall of Famer?

kenspong answers:


Sandy asks…

RAY LEWIS or London Fletcher ?

Ray lewis is way better than london fletcher

kenspong answers:

Ray Lewis by 21st century landslide….

Fletcher is good, but Ray will go down as one of the Top 10 or 20 players of all time…

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