Your Questions About London Broil

Charles asks…

What is a good way to bake london broil?

I am looking to make london broil but instead of putting it in the broiler – I want bake it in the oven. Does anyone know a good temperture to bake it at? I was also hoping someone could give me a recipe that wouldn’t take all day to cook and prepare… And helpful recipes to baking london broil would help, alot! Thanks.
London broil is a cut of meat. Most often it is a Top Round Roast.

kenspong answers:

London Broil
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
2 tablespoon vinegar

Mix all ingredients and marinate overnight in fridge or for at least 1 hour on the counter. You can grill this. But one day I had one marinating and I called my husband. I told him to put the London broil on to cook. Well, he put it in the oven on 325 degrees still in the marinade covered with foil. It turned out great. So just check on the meat for temp. We like it rare. This is real funny that you needed something that was a mistake for us. OH, make sure it is in a casserole dish or pan.

Ken asks…

What would be the best temperature to bake a London Broil?

I have a London Broil (Angus Beef Round), and I want to bake it instead of broil it, but need to know what temperature to bake it at and for how long, thanks.

kenspong answers:

Arrrrrgh how could you do this to London broil.
Its not London roast.

Its got to be pink.

John asks…

What fruit tastes good with London Broil?

My family is awesome and we are having a cook off between two teams. The challenge is to make a meal using all of the food groups. We chose London Broil as the protein but we need a fruit that will go good with it. Any suggestions?

kenspong answers:

I would say Pineapple lightly cooked with the meat to help tenderize it.

Betty asks…

Can I use an electric skillet to cook London Broil? How about my Foreman Grill?

I’m making London Broil tonight and turns out, my skillet isn’t big enough for it, which is how my Joy of Cooking book recommended cooking it. Can I use my electric skillet? If so, what temp should I set it to? Or could I use my Foreman grill? An outdoor grill isn’t an option, we don’t have one.

kenspong answers:

Don’t use either of them!
BROIL it, in the bottom of your oven… In the broiler.
Use the pan that is there. Pre-heat the broiler. Season your london broil with pepper and garlic POWDER. Not garlic salt. Don’t add salt at all until you are ready to eat it. You failed to say how thick your piece of meat is, but just broil it for one minute, then turn, then two minutes then turn and so on up to 5 minutes per side ( which would be for a very thick one) until it is cooked to your liking.

Ruth asks…

what is a different way to make london broil?

Other than “broiling” a london broil, what is another way?

kenspong answers:

Great websites that I go on for all of my cooking and baking needs and ideas! and just type in london broil and you will have lots of choices to choose from. These sites are for the public to view and you dont need a password. I also like to go on

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