Your Questions About London Boulevard

Jenny asks…

Where in or around London would you find many wealthy, sophisticated, well educated women congregating most?

What shops, stores, museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes, bars, neighbourhoods, boulevards, and public places are the ultimate favourite haunts amongst the London‘s upper class literati. The British urban sophisticated females with degrees from posh universities, large trust funds and impressive pedigrees would be found mostly hanging out where in or near London?

Pip answers:

5th floor cafe/restaurant at Harvey Nichols, top end of sloane street.
It is regularly visited by the well heeled sloane rangers, and the debs of chelsea for afternoon tea.

Shopping (Clothes) South molton and bond street,
Fulham rd for: joseph, chanel etc.
Shopping (food) Waitrose, Halkin street & Kings road.


Evening: La gavroche, upper brook street
La caprice, arlington street

Harry’s, South audley street. (mainly dignitaries and others with royal connections)

Georges, next door too harry’s on the corner of Mount street.
Same type of clientele.
Scott’s fish restaurant mount street.
Cecconis restaurant, Burlington gardens.
Scallini’s, Walton street.
Toto’s, walton street.
Cipriani, Davies street.

Late evening/early morning.
Sketch, Conduit street.
Crazy Larry’s, Lots road. (mainly debs)
Hakasan, Hanway Place.

Pubs: White horse, Parsons green.
Admiral codrington, Mossop street, SW3
Hollywood arms, Hollywood road.

Likes: Skiing (closters) Gastro pubs, partying, horse events, shopping and money.

Dislikes: The working class

Mary asks…

Is the road Old Broadway (Boulevard style road) in Didsbury, Manchester, UK, the poshest road in Didsbury?

It’s a much grander looking road being in a boulevard style and yes i am aware Richard & Judy used to live on it until ITV’s This Morning moved to London.
Firstly to the rude comment about me putting UK, this was in case anyone outside the UK confused Manchester with the U.S. Manchester so less of the wise cracks (i live 5 miles from Didsbury and was born and bred in Manchester.

Secondly, to comments that i said it was a dual carriage way, i never said that. In England, when a road is split in the middle by a grass verge, the media and estate agents commonly call it a ‘boulevard style’ road. They are not saying it is a dual carriagway.

Also, i would grateful for some ‘informed’ comments from people who know a little more about property in the area, rather than pedantic comments.
Thanks Katie, very informative. I’ve noticed a few very big black and white houses for sale on, it does look pretty grand.

Is Fog Lane Park really that bad, i hadn’t realised?

Pip answers:

I don’t think so.

It’s no grander than the houses down Central Road and Goulden Road area. The houses are large, but it backs onto Fog Lane park, and that is rough rough rough. In fact, my mum banned me from going in there… I’m not sure if I’m not still banned, actually (although at 23 she can’t really stop me…)

I think the ‘poshest’ parts are probably Elm Road, Pine Road and Parkfield Road South. Some of the houses down there are incredibly incredibly big.

Maria asks…

UK Polls & Surveys :- Have you ever Heard an Azaan (Adhan) ?

BQ : Did you Like it ?

I was Watching London Boulevard when I heard the Azaan in the Movie !

No Offence Please, Please !

Pip answers:

Yes I have.

Yea i like it, it’s soul touching!

Lizzie asks…

Is there a name for Colin Farrell’s Hair Cut in this picture?

Just watched London Boulevard and loads of my friends thought I look similar to Colin Farrell in the movie, but my hair is slightly longer, so just wondering if I go to a Barbers, I wanna get his cut in the picture below.

What do I ask for? Any specific name?
I really don’t want to bring a picture, looks a little gay 🙁,r:13,s:0

Pip answers:

I’d print the photo in colour & take it w/ me. Be sure this is a barber who has done this kind of haircut before though.

George asks…

Oi Jack. Sneha and I are going on our first date! Wanna join?

We’re watching ‘London Boulevard‘ as you know. But I think you’ve already seen it so…It’s okay if you don’t want to come! 🙂
hey don’t try to impress me. Please don’t change my mind I was only hoping for a threesome! <3
eeep I love green day

Pip answers:

I Haven’t Seen it yet, Can I join you Guys ??

And one thing is for sure, you guys won’t regret …Savvy ?

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