Your Questions About Jobs For The Summer In The Uk

Jenny asks…

Best jobs during summer holiday in the UK for a 16 year old?

Does anybody know of types of summer jobs in the UK that offer housing for a 16 year old?

kenspong answers:

A lot of places won’t offer accomodation to people under 18, but you should try hotel chains and holiday resorts. Pay is usually minimum wage, but at 16 minimum wage is 3.40 which is absolute bollocks…you shouldn’t have to work for that if you have to support yourself too!!

Robert asks…

How do you apply for summer Jobs in the UK? like where do you find out jobs are avaliable?

Is there a certain site where you apply for a job, or can find a job. I need HELP ASAP! oh also i will be 17 by summer 🙂

kenspong answers:

This site maybe able to help you:-) good luck

Donna asks…

Where’s the best place to start looking for summer jobs (in the UK, Essex) to secure one before the summer?

kenspong answers:

I’d say cafes, restaurants ect.. Hand your CV into ALL of them, your bound to get 1 reply atleast! Then i’d try around all shops like convience stores, card shops stuff like that. Do the same, get a good CV and put them around and see what happens.

Carol asks…

Camp America summer jobs from UK?

Could you tell me some agency from UK for summer jobs on the beach (in America)

kenspong answers:

Look at the American Camp Association. 🙂 I bet you could find something on the beach.

Susan asks…

What summer jobs are there in the uk for a 13 year old?

Well i am 13 and i want a summer job but i don’t want something like babysitting, paper round or lawn mowing/ gardening and i live in the uk what can i do ?

kenspong answers:

Why not consider picking up dog droppings as a part of your own business?

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