Your Questions About Forex

Lizzie asks…


i am a beginner and i work with fx solution
i got a question about that:
in the fx solution when i put a limit and stopless, and when the candle arrive to that point, it close my trade with no alarm.
is there any option to set any alarm when it close?

thank you

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kenspong answers:


Here is the tutorial explaining all about forex techniques and limit / stop orders. Kindly go through it. It contains the methods where to put stop loss or limit orders.

I am using this site for my studies as well.


Chris asks…

What is the best forex robot available and do you recommend?

Im very interested in getting a Forex robot to trade for me. I have heard great things about forex robots, But I am not sure which forex robot works the best. Im a new to forex completely and Im just looking for an automated way to make money from home. Would you even recommend trading with a forex robot at this current economic time? How much many can make with a forex robot and what is the best forex robot from your personal experience. Please help. Thanks

kenspong answers:

I have a Forex robot from
It makes me lots of money on autopilot and it about doubles my money every month. To be honest I know nothing about the forex market. All I do is make lots of money from the forex robot. It is easy to set up. And it runs 24/7 whether your computer is on or off. In fact I quite my dayjob because I was starting to make more than I made at my job and I am still making more. Trust me this forex robot is the best available and no matter what the economic times are the robot will make you money. I strongly recommend.

Lisa asks…

What is the best Forex robot on the market and does it work?

I heard that a new robot has just been released (RCTPA driven Forex Megadroid). There are quite many robots on the market. What is a Forex robot anyway? Which one is working? I have heard many good things about Forex auto pilot turbo. I would like to know which one is the most reliable. Thank you.

kenspong answers:

First, you should know that Forex is not that easy. Do not believe those who may say it is!

Now, there are some good robots that MAY help you. Some are scam. Others are for real.

Simply put, a Forex robot is a program that attempts to take the guess work out of trading currencies. Currently there is a lot of information floating around the internet about these products. Like any other tool, it needs to be used properly in order to be most effective.

Like I hinted, in order to use this tool the right way you need to understand a little bit about how it works and where it is best applied.

A Forex robot is a computer or computer program that monitors currencies and does calculations to figure out the best time to buy and sell. These programs help to take some of the guess work out of buying and selling and can help a trader to identify currencies that meet certain criteria, or when certain currencies perform in certain a way. Most of the selling points of Forex robots state that you can simply set them and watch the cash come pouring in. While in some cases this may work, in most cases you are going to need to carefully monitor the program and make sure that it is adjusting to trends in the market. While they can be very profitable they may require a certain amount of intervention to be run effectively. Used properly, and if you have the patience to get to know the programs, they become a powerful tool.

For this automatic approach, forex auto pilot turbo has worked wonders for me: It offers, among other features, high spread protection system and automated risk scaling. They say “95% winner”. Well, only the bottom line counts. In this regard, it has really delivered for me.

I had been watching the forex robot market for months, waiting for the right software to come out. I believe I have found a great one.

Really, get the fundamentals first. Then get your own system and test it offline (do that for weeks, if not months, until your system is well tested), whether you use a robot or not. It really takes a few months – a lot of patience and resilience. But if you are made for it, it is worth it. Read about the psychology of trading (never to underestimate). And then you should be fine.

Good trading!


Carol asks…

What is the cheapest forex broker out there?

I would like to know about forex brokers that offer low balance accounts. Do you have any recommendations? What about forex research? What are all the important events or meetings that affect the forex market?

kenspong answers:

Trading is like a university education, it requires on the order of 10 to 20 years to become proficient and you have to be ready to accept it as a full time career. With that said, the broker that I use is oanda. I use this broker mainly because it allows smaller lot sizes which allows me to be very flexible with my exposure.

My recommendation- do not trade with less than 50k account. Do not trade live until you have risk capital (money that you will not need or regret losing) or minimum few years on paper accounts.

Forex research is a huge topic. Do not fall for technical analysis, it works in some situations, but the best bet would be to read the prices correctly via price patterns and timing. Do not trade during non farm payrolls or during tokyo and NY lunch hour. Trade during the overlap of US UK sessions for best liquidity. Watch for inflation levels, what central bankers say (and if what they are saying is just a warning or if they are serious about it).

For example you would want to monitor the japanese central bank decisions right now because their currency is strong enough to make their bank sell it to lower the price to keep exports competitive.

For CAD, watch for gold prices (oil is their major export). Ect.

FINALLY: the only way to make money in forex safely is with law of large numbers in terms of capitalization. You have to have an account upwards of 50 mil, so this is not a get rich quick thing. The real money lies in market making and dealing.

Ruth asks…

How do forex options affect forex market?

Anybody can tell me how forex options affect forex market? Do they actually affect the market only when they are exercised? Does an exercise of a forex option occur at the same time as a sell-off of the option? (My understanding is that when an option expires, you have to exercise it then sell it to make profit)
OK, for more clarification, my understanding is that, when an option is exercised, you open a position at the stated price. But I don’t know if the opened position has to be closed immediately. Correct me if I am wrong.

kenspong answers:

Typically, what happens is you will be given the difference between the strike price and the current market price, as clearly the Writer of the Option cannot physically deliver a curreny pair at an older, lesser price than the market. So they owe to indemnify you, or place in you in a financial position similar to that as if you have the currency pair at the current market value.
Now as for option contracts, YOU DO NOT need to exercise them if they are about to expire. That would make no sense, as if they are ‘out-the-money’ you would lose money. A contract can expire, leaving you out the contract’s premium.

Hope this helped

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