Your Questions About Forex Trading System

William asks…

Where can i get a reliable forex trading system?

A combination of forex indicators that is very reliable and gives at least reasonale trades

kenspong answers:

Good stock day traders are happy with getting 50% of their trades correct. Forex traders can do less. What makes the average trader successful is how they practice risk control.

If you read books like Millionaire Traders you’d know that the only system that works for successful traders are the ones they developed for themselves. Trading isn’t a formula. It’s an art.

Laura asks…

Best Forex Trading System For Low Price?

Hi guys…

I am looking for the best forex trading system for affordable price… Any answers will be appreciated.

kenspong answers:

Georgia Anderson is launching her own trading system which is supposed to work very well,though I don’t know the price on it.

Lisa asks…

What is the best forex trading system?

kenspong answers:

Turbo Robot has been working well for me, but you can check several reviews about several systems directly in a reviews website.

John asks…

Forex And Currency FX Trading – Automated Forex Cash System For Intermediate Traders?

Looking for a unique (even experimental) system for forex and currency fx trading that works seamlessly with Metatrader 4. Interested in your own recommendations and tools that work at the beginner / intermediate level.

kenspong answers:

I use Forex Tracer for currency fx trading. It works with Metatrader 4 and is pretty good for someone who understands the basics of how forex markets work.

It’s excellent at mining forex markets in real time and bringing back profitable spreads on currency exchanges. For an automated forex cash system, it’s a goldmine for traders at the beginner to intermediate level. The ease of use is legendary.

Michael asks…

I am looking for a good forex course/trading system.Does anyone have a good suggestion?

A real course/system. Please don’t just try and get me to click on your affiliate link, I just want to find a REAL system.Thanks alot

kenspong answers:

I was very skeptical about autopilot systems before but I realized that my profits have gone to a new level in the last few months since I tried them.

I have been trading for a few years but since I had a full time job I didn’t have as much time to spend on forex. So these autopilot systems made up for my lack of time.

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