Your Questions About Forex Trading Software

Lisa asks…

What is the best simulated forex trading software/site?

Just looking to find out from people who use Simulated Forex Trading Software, how it works and if it helps them make more money.

kenspong answers:

Well Enough People Trying to Sell their CLICKBANK products, FAPTurbo is a Robot. I have used and They have a mini account that is one of the best practice account out there.
Check out somebody who knows what they are talking about at, they can help you pick the right one. And I also use to help me get better PIPS. Good luck

Ken asks…

What’s the best forex trading software?

Hello. My mom wants to know what is the best forex trading software in the market today. She’s having a hard time deciding which forex software has the most accurate results.

kenspong answers:

Hi Charles! If your mom is kind of a beginner in forex trading she can try eToro, it’s beginner friendly and deliver accurate results.

Donna asks…

Which forex trading software provide real time trading volume?

Does any forex trading software or broker’s trading platform provide real time volume?

kenspong answers:

If you are looking for the best forex software, visit this site

Here you’ll find the best software that can help increase your trading profit and user friendly.

Nancy asks…

Does the forex trading software like “forex tracer” really work to trade and earn money?

If anyone here use this “forex tracer” system and please tell me your good and bad experience related to it.

kenspong answers:


Here’s the truth: If you want to become a successful forex trader, you must…

1) Always stay humble – Realize that at any given moment, you have the capacity to do serious and permanent damage to your forex account. In the blink of an eye, you can and will have your account wiped out if you are an undisciplined trader.

2) Limit your risk – Proper money management is the key to the long term survival of your account. Only risk a tiny percent of your account on any given trade( I usually risk 1-2% on any one trade). I recommend stop losses at all times.

3) Never be greedy – Always take small gains and small losses. With discipline and training, you can easily learn to be profitable with a 50/50, or even lower, win/ loss ratio.

4) Invest in your forex education – Learn to be a good technical trader. Study pivot points, support, resistance, and trend lines. Through my own forex training, I’ve learned that all of the “get rich quick” systems and strategies will work one day, and not the next. Some are designed for trending markets while others work when the currencies are trading in a range. I’ve seen many accounts blown up from using a system that was touted as the ‘latest and greatest’.

There are quite a few forex training courses on the market. I’ve studied and reviewed many of them. As a matter of fact, I just finished studying a course called “Forex Commander” , which cost me $2000. There was a lot of great information in that course, but I still felt $2,000 was a little pricey.

I’ve reviewed a couple of my favorite forex training courses at my site listed below. I also talk about how I lost $10,000 one time in less than 24 hours. It was a learning experience for sure.

Hope this information helps,


Thomas asks…

What is the forex trading software on which you can tag the buy/sell actions?

I have been using MT4 but it doesn’t seem to allow me tag the buy/sell action. I have seen people using other software that can do this sort of thing. Does anyone know?

kenspong answers:

If you just want to draw something on the chart with some text or whatever, you can use the CreateObject function in MT4.

I post my buy/sell signals in real time right here: if you are interested in following me. Also there are a lot of other professional forex traders there who are also posting their buy/sell signals in real time. It’s a great alternative to MT4 if you are having trouble with MT4.

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