Your Questions About Forex Trading Software

Daniel asks…

Automated Forex Trading Software?

Has anyone honestly used such software before and generated a profit? Does the software work? What are the pros and cons?

kenspong answers:

The answer is that the software does work. The automated expert advisers are extremely well designed but if you think you can just turn it on and it will make you rich your wrong.

If you understand the basics of forex and are guided to an extent then they can deliver profits.

A guy called Jason Jankovsky, a professional trader from Chicago, has a community which teaches people how to use these automated forex programs and also teaches all other aspects of forex on a 1 on 1 basis.

I’ve done a review on his community on my blog:

Carol asks…

Best forex trading system software?

What is the best trading software for forex trading.

kenspong answers:

After trying a few platforms in the last years I decided to go with Plus500. I use it for a couple of years and I earn nice money with it. Easy to use and trusted broker.

Donna asks…

any auto forex trading software for free or software with signal will beep to inform eg macd line cross?

kenspong answers:

Hi Rway, Good thing I browse over yahoo today. I really love helping newbies and answering questions like this. I have been in the forex trading for quite sometime already and it’s always been quite a roller coaster ride. But right now, I have a software that helps me with all my decisions and my trades. All the trade trends will be given to you, accurate signals and on time (online). I have bee trying a lot of different software’s but believe me, nothing can actually beat this. Don’t trust my word, I suggest you should try it yourself. Try it for free! Then you’ll see.

Visit and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. You might just want to give me a feedback 🙂
I also am on trial at this site So far so good 🙂

let me know if you have any more questions. Happy to help out

Jenny asks…

Which is the best forex trading software?

currency trading software

kenspong answers:

Try these software from meta4forexbroker, hope it will help you in currency trading.

Mary asks…

What is required to start FOREX trading?

I am looking at using automated Forex Trading software but wanted to know what else i need to trade.
It looks like i have to use a Forex broker or some sort of online platform.
Basically, as well as buying the automated software, what other costs are involved with Forex trading (other than the trading money) & are they monthly or weekly costs, etc.
Finally, what are the approximate costs of these other things i’ll need?
(2 Questions there…cheeky, i know).

kenspong answers:

There are many regulations
Get RBI approval

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