Your Questions About Forex Trading Software

Donna asks…

Forex trading training software?

A friend of mine has aquired a few thousand pounds worth of training software for forex trading. I have seen the first disc and it seems to promise a lot, is this true? He says I can have copies of all the discs if I want. Just wondered is it really as good as it sounds, thanks.

kenspong answers:

There is a site called InvestorFLIX that gives YOU access to Forex insights from experts:

Or they have something called INOTV where the videos are streaming and FREE:

Also Check out these educational Forex videos my buddy sent me:

I hope you find the links as helpful as I did!!

Ruth asks…

i need a name of automatic forex trading software which is free?

kenspong answers:

When you are dealing with so much potential of risk and money loss why do you want a free service that is unlikely to give you any support or updates?

I’m not saying it can’t be found but the likelihood is there will be strings attached. Free software are always not updated and may have bugs etc and you would have no one to turn to.

The money you spend on proper software is usually quite reasonable compared to your turnover.

Donald asks…

Good FOREX Trading Software?

I have been studying the FOREX markets. I am looking for good software to analyze market trends. Can you recommend something?

kenspong answers:

Analyze pairs the same way you do any stock. There is nothing intrinsicly different. Instead of earnings being potential black swan you have government and central bank actions.

If you are looking for a trading bot I researched those and found lots of claims, and many more ads disguised as reviews, all glowingly positive, BUT I also found one review by someone who had tried it and posted the entire record of trades generated by the top rated program. It was limited to the British/Swiss pair which has a wide bid/ask spread. That eats up most of the profits the program generated. Typically the gain per trade was single digit pips.

I know the bot pushers here will give me thumbs down but so what. For myself I would rather have one trade make 25 to 50 pips than ten bot trades netting 50 pips total like the review I saw.

Helen asks…

How can I start trading forex using autopilot method?

I have just opened my trading account and I am trying to decide on buying an autopilot forex trading software.

kenspong answers:

There’s a new autopilot forex trading software going to be launched and promises to be really sensational. If you want to try autopilot forex trading, go for the latest. It is likely to be sold out very fast.


James asks…

Automated forex trading software, which one is the best ?

kenspong answers:


After years of studying the markets and racking my brain to figure out why so many people have so much trouble producing consistent result…

I’ve finally discovered one of the best forex trading software available in the market today…Introducing The Forex Vengeance Robot.

Its Your Own Personal Trading “Super Brain” That Lets You Wreak Vengeance On Worldwide Forex Markets.

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