Your Questions About Forex Trading Platform

John asks…

What do you think of the FOREX trading platform?

I’ve only had experience with the MarketAxess Fixed-Income trading platform, but am interested in setting up a demo account with FOREX. Any thoughts?

kenspong answers:

I’ve been using the FreedomRocks system and have came across a lot of posts on various forums and wanted to share my personal experience. First of all the system takes the guesswork and emotion out of trading on the Forex market. It’s a proprietary system that does 95% of the work and takes a few minutes per day to manage.

As we all know even experienced Forex traders can make big mistakes and most people end up loosing all of the money that they invest within the first couple of months. Unlike most forex programs FreedomRocks is not attempting to guess which way the market is going to move because quite frankly no one can predict that and that’s why the majority fail.

Let me emphasize that this is a long term investment strategy and not a get rich quick program. It’s a very simple and easy system to understand and I’ve never seen any other program where someone with no prior trading experience could invest in the market and actually be profitable.

The FreedomRocks system represents a complete paradigm shift from traditional Forex investment practices:

– The automated system does the trading for you

-No charts, no graphs and no more Guesswork

-Spend only 20 minutes per week managing your account

-Structures your trading: Buy Low/ Sell High

– Allows you to collect daily interest on leveraged money

-100% control over your money

I believe that this is the best system for trading on the Forex but of course I don’t expect anyone to take my word. I would encourage anyone looking for a smart way to trade in the market to take advantage of the 15-Day free trial so they can experience for themselves how it works.

For More information check out:

* I’ve also created a worksheet to assist people in setting up their account using the system so if anyone be interested I would be more than happy to share it.

Best Regards,
Brandon Wells

p.s. I personally like the GFT platform but you can use any platform you choose.

Susan asks…

Which is the best forex trading platform?

I am a Software Engineer and i would like to invest some of my money into Foreign Exchange. I also did a little survey for the best trading platform, but to my surprise i found a huge list of forex traders. Guys can you help me in finding out the best one for me.

kenspong answers:

MT4 (MetaTrader4) is the only platform that you can implement forex robots and just let them trade automaticaly for you.Anyway there are platforms that have different functions.What you should look when searching for a good platform is:
-to be fast on opening and closing positions
-to be able to trade directly from the charts
-to provide technical analysis tools and information
-let you “hedge”

Except MT4 i secondly recommend the FXCM platform

Donald asks…

Which is the best Forex trading platform ?

Which is the best Forex trading platform ?

kenspong answers:

Go for Exness ….Fantastic one !

Daniel asks…

What is the best (reliable) online FOREX trading platform?

Hi Guys,
I want to start trading forex online (little amounts of money), however i was wondering what is the best online forex trading platform, or “broker” to get started with. I do not live in the United States, and i would want a simple, yet reliable one which i can access from my computer!

Thanks so much

kenspong answers:

I personally traded with oanda and did not like when they would widen the spreads 10X during volatile periods. Now Istay with FxPro and MBTRading. Maybe this post can help you:

Jenny asks…

What is the best Foreign Exchange (forex) Platform trading in 2009?


I love to know what is the best Foreign Exchange (forex) Platform trading in year 2009. I want to start trading forex but still confuse to choose the best platform.

kenspong answers:

Hi sir M,

So you are new forex trader? I want to wish a warm welcome to Foreign Exchange (forex) world. You must be feel excited to make money with forex. Okay, let’s go straight to the point. I want to advice you to use e-toro forex trading platform. You can view it using this link

If you have any difficulties regarding this platform, you can contact me at my blog



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