Your Questions About Forex Trading Hours

Carol asks…

forex trading?

i’m trying out the onada fx game and while trying to figure out how it all works i bought 100 units aud/usd
now the question the candle sticks indicate currency in aud since i bet the aud against the usd?
and does aud/usd mean i’m going to make profit if the aud goes up in value compared to the usd? or the other way around.
and lastly its been about 13 hours and all i see is a straight line with no indications of up or down on the that normal?

kenspong answers:

When you are seeing a straight line, no ups or downs, that means the market is closed over the weekend.

Try again monday around 8AM EST.

Charles asks…

what is the best indian hour for forex trading?

kenspong answers:


Ken asks…

What is a good forex trading robot?

I’m looking for a good robot thats NOT FAP TURBO. And maybe works 24 hours.

kenspong answers:

100% success rate over a month (i.e. Dozens of trades) is impossible unless you do not apply stop losses!! I guarantee you 100% too if I do not apply stop losses (and I have been a day trader for 4 years). The point is: beware scams.

Now back to your question. I recommend megadroid and fx automoney. Have a look at the reviews here:

I have been trading them when I have not been day trading. They work just fine. The signals of automoney are impressive. See it for yourself and try them for 3 days at least.
As for mega, it is the most promising robot on the market now. Now, if you want real results (not 100% but good enough!), feel free to email me.

David asks…

What’s a good Forex demo trading system?

Something like Investopedia for stocks and options. Also, what hours are Forex open. Thanks.

kenspong answers:

I am trying to get into the market myself and so i have been learning through the practice accounts. The one i liked most was FXCM, i found that is was simpler to use than a couple others and has helped me to understand more about the market and try a few methods. But all the practice account give you a month unless you sign up.

Richard asks…

Why do open ForEx trades close automatically when internet Disconnects or when they reach -$2000 in losses?

I am using Interbank FX trading platform and have been using a demo account to test out these errors I’ve been getting.

Stop loss is not active. During disconnects, open trades close for whatever value they are at. If left open for a few hours, loss trades auto-close for a loss. The market was still open for all these tests.

So, anyone have any ideas?

kenspong answers:

Interbank forex platform is not the best choice…
Its good but no so good! It has some “bugs” as you can see!
Better choose some different platform if you want to trade using demo account!
Anyway you should not trade with demo account to long!

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