Your Questions About Forex Trading Forum

James asks…

Is Forex Social is a good trading forum ?

I’m Looking for a good forex social to join. does anyone have any ideas for a trader like me , im looking for free forex education and free forex signals and a place where i can post my ideas to a forex forum with out worry about it getting edited by a moderator with a grudge…..

kenspong answers:


David asks…

Did Oanda Foreign Currency Open The New Trading Forum Room?

I have been waiting for to open the new forex forum which is supposed to be more organized and easyier to use and not have any moderators to spoil the fun this time. i searched online i i believe they are calling the web Site: Oanda Forex Forum if anyone has the link please post it here thank you!

kenspong answers:

I trade with Oanda but did not see any info that they are starting a new forum.

Susan asks…

Where is a good place to discuss forex? any forum’s available for newbie to experienced traders?

Does anybody have any reading they consider to be a necessary source of information for beginning traders. Also, what kind of formal education is suggested for trading forex if any?

kenspong answers:

Try :
1. Http:// – Tutorials[Very down to earth]

2. Http:// [My Fav Forex Books]

3. Http:// – Forex Video

4. Http:// – Forex Forum

Mark asks…

Hi Members Is forex trading for the day or swing trade because there are few longer term trends?

I have been studying forex trading with some help from the FORUM members and find that currencies (GBP/USD) keep on oscillating in a narrow range. this means yoiu can only swing trade. No posibility of Position trading. Your helpful cpmments please


kenspong answers:

Let me give you a little advice. There is definetely long term trends in Forex. Take a look at the daily and monthly charts. It is important to know the long term trend before you enter into any short term trades. I teach my clients to use Fibonacci studies on the daily charts to identify key support and resistance levels.

Although a currency pair may range for a number of days what you are really looking for is the point at which you can capture a breakout.

The bulk of my client’s use a Forex hedging tactic as part of a long term investment strategy.

Good luck in your ventures.

Sandra asks…

I keep getting auto links to Forex Trading when I post messages. How do I get rid of this?

Every now and then, when I post on Facebook and some forums, a little message comes up with whatever I’ve typed promoting Forex Trading, and provides a link or something. I have no idea where this came from, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Help would be awesome 🙂

kenspong answers:

Run a virus scanner and check your profile to make sure it’s not in your signature or something, somebody might have put it there. Search for the problem on Google and most importantly make your friends aware of it.

I am familiar with Forex and often market it, it involves risky investing, posting it to people who aren’t interested or spamming links in non-targeted areas that have nothing to do with it is not a wise idea. For example if a friend thought that YOU shared the link they might make assumptions and lose money on it by making some sort of rookie mistake, and then want to kill you over it.

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