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Jenny asks…

Anybody knows a successful forex strategy that lies on technical analysis only ?

I’ve been trading forex for a long time, i’ve learned a lot about technical analysis, indicators, charts and even some of fundamental analysis. i tried many strategies some i found on websites, forums and others invented by me but none of them worked. I know it’s a matter of risk managment too, i’m aware about all of this as i’m not new to forex, but i’ve seen some people in forex tournaments make lot of money, even it’s virtual money but this means they use a successful strategy or maybe a software. Anybody has experienced a successful forex strategy or a software can help plz ? Thanks in advance

kenspong answers:

I hope that I found an article that will probably answer your question.

Michael asks…

how can i get my money back? please help!!?

okay i funded 7000 $ in basel financial broker to trade forex , after i trade for a while suddenly they got dissapeard and they didnt reply any email , call or live chat , this broker was regulated by FCS mauritanies , i even sent them so many emails but they didnt reply me too , i really dont know how to get my money back and its been almost 4 or 5 months that i cant trade nor withdraw my money . i’ve posted this on some of forex forum but there also nobody helped me , so im asking you guys if u can please help me and tell me how can i get back my money ?
thanks in advance

kenspong answers:

Contact the Better Business Bureau and tell them this company has taken your money and will not respond to calls or emails. I am sure they have received similar complaints from other customers.

Ken asks…

What are some small stock trader groups or forums?

I have a big interest in stock trading including stocks, options, futures, and forex. I am trying to find some forums or chat rooms for people with similar interest. Mainly geared towards small scale investors.

kenspong answers:

Go to
You will find forums and boards for all kinds of stocks and instruments like midcaps, smallcaps, forex, gold, etc.

Ruth asks…

What is the best forex broker in UK ?!?

I used to trade Us stock market .. but recently I’m trying to try the Forex .. I started with a Demo account but really confuse about the broker that I should use for the real trading ..
I contacted FCMX , ETORO ,
I don’t want to go for ETORO because I tried there platform and it really suck! Lot of error and very slow support I didn’t like it ..
the good thing with that they provide free esignal account ! but I dont know how good they r ! the same for FXCM

please suggest for me the best broker in ur opinion and WHY ?! and also the best forum for FX traders ! so I can get read more there !

kenspong answers:

Every person has diffrent methods to jugde and reviews the best broker as scalper use the broker that has constant spreads on news and on spikes.
Some day traders dont care about spread changing during news.
So first to know which type trader you are and after that search for a good broker.
As my own experince i am using 3 diffrent UK brokers.. , thinkforex and
they all are best for me..may be not for yuu so try to search your self about broker that you like

Lisa asks…

Forex Broker Concerns?

I’ve looked at what several websites and forums have said about and how they have rated several different ECN brokers, based on a variety of criteria.

What concerns me most, however, is whether or not there are “maximum leverage amounts” and “withdrawal limits.”

What I mean by “maximum leverage amount” is not by how much your account can be leveraged (such as 100:1 or 200:1), but the actual maximum dollar amount. Someone told me most brokers set a limit of 50 standard lots (or $5 million) per trade. Is this correct? Are you really unable to purchase more than 50 standard lots in one trade?

I was also told that very high volume trades would be passed along to the real market, even by ECNs, and that this would prevent the trade from being executed “instantly.” Hypothetically, if you were trading $1 million or more per trade, by how long could your trade be delayed? Would it be minutes, or could it be several hours or even longer?

And by “withdrawal limits,” I mean are there usually limits in place as to how such (in dollar amounts) any client is able to withdrawal from his/her account to a bank account (or through a similar process of getting funds out), such as weekly or monthly? If so, if someone were to actually become a Forex “millionaire,” wouldn’t it take him/her several decades just to withdrawal the money from his/her account, little by little?

I’ve heard of dealing desk brokers that have “closed” client accounts because they grew too large (were too successful). However, would there be any reason or incentive for a real ECN broker (a reputable one) to close one’s account because it became too large?

And might it actually depend on how large the broker is? I’m looking at major and renowned ECN brokers such as MB Trading, Interbank FX, Interactive Brokers, Dukascopy, ACM, and ATG, among others.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can tackle this query!

kenspong answers:

Well since you are more concerned I suggest you to hand on with forex realted forums.

The most active one is

Also there is a lot of guide article you should read which will give you more idea.

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