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Robert asks…

any commodity trading systems portal with lots of depth like forex tsd for Fx?

something like forex tsd is forex trading systems..looking for a very detail portal / forum for commodities .
thank you so much !!!

kenspong answers:

Hi Arnold…

I’m not clear in catching your question…but try to answer.

Some good forex brokerage are offering in gold, silver and oil trading too.

In my experience, the fluidity of commodity price is tightly inter-related with safe haven currency like USD, JPY and CHF. That, I think, commodity most of the time more difficult to forecast than forex and options. But yes…the risk/rewards on commodities is mostly very attractive. These facts keep me telling my investor’s friends for not to hurry in trading commodity as long as they feel that they are still Beginner or Less Experienced investors…

I hope this could help you. And if you’d like you can visit my trial website at (but sorry, it’s still under construction until mid of 2011, but membership is opened because we based communication on email correspondences)

Maria asks…

Forex Trading System?

I have been trying a pretty good forex trading system and I want to introduced to other people in Singapore or international. What are the available forum or web that allows me to do so. Perhaps any forum that people are interested in trading. Any help?

kenspong answers:

Hi Fong, thank you for info, but I want to know, you want to share or to sale the trading system ?
If you want to share, in Indonesia we have a large forum at:, one of the sub forum is about business, many threads are discuss about forex, we will very glad if you willing to share your trading system
Just subscribe for free, and open your thread
or you may introduce the system at

David asks…

Can you suggest Forex Paid Forums?

Hi, I am currently studying forex trading and I am looking for paid forums to gather amount of dollars needed for real trading. I have account with IFX that offer 0.2$ per post, no minimum payout. Do you know other paid forums aside from that.

for those who want paid forex forum, follow the link.

kenspong answers:

In my opinion, it’s not the best way to earn money for Forex trading.
Better I will provide you more sources for study.
My choice is BabyPips and Automated Forex systems From Forexeasystems.
I suggest you better to find money and buy profitable Forex software.

Charles asks…

Why aren’t more people trading in the forex?!?

2 trillion dollars traded each and every day. 400:1 on your money. Currency is not easily manipulated, unlike corporations. With proven systems available to the average Joe, why is this forum not loaded with questions pertaining to the foreign currency exchange market?

kenspong answers:

All trading is tough. The previous posters cite the 90% of forex traders lose money. True. But they fail to tell you that 90% of people trading equities lose money also. Trading, whether it’s equities, fx or futures is tough. Actually, I think the numbers are 90% for equities and 97% for futures/forex traders.

The first poster that said to trade currency futures is insane. Futures contracts possess the potential for unlimited losses. Like the one poster said, you can lose 100% in fx, but you can loss 200% in futures. I’ve seen several instances of futures traders losing their entire account and then having to cough up more money to cover the losses above what was in their account. If you have a $10,000 futures account, you could realistically lose $50,000 on a trade that goes horribly wrong and you’d have to come up with an additional $40,000 to cover the loss above the $10,000 in your account. In fx, you can only lose your entire account.

I am an fx trader and I love it, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It bothers me when a person knocks a specific investment vehicle because they don’t like it or it doesn’t fit their investment style. I don’t like medicine. The hours are long, the field is tough, but I wouldn’t go knocking being a doctor. Because it’s not what interests me or what I want to do doesn’t mean it’s a bad occupation. There are people out there that love medicine and are geniuses in the field. It’s good for them, but it’s not good for everyone.

The same thing with investments, I love the high risk markets, but only a small percentage of the population are suited for them. Doesn’t make them bad.

I really wish people would stop being so judgmental about things they don’t like or don’t understand. If forex trading is not for them, then they should just say, “Hey, I don’t like it, but that’s me”, instead of making it out to be an evil that EVERYONE should stay away from.

Lisa asks…

How do you say in German the following:?

In German:

Forex Forums – Currency Trading Community
Forex For Beginners
Currency trading for total newbies, ask the pros about the best trading system, trading methods, and techniques.
Forex Brokers
Discuss the services of different Forex Brokers with other traders and benefit from their experience.

Trading Systems
Discuss the different trading system available.

Currency Pairs

EUR/USD – Euro Dollar
Discuss the popular currency paid Euro Dollar.

USD/JPY – Dollar Yen
Discuss the currency pair Dollar Yen.

GBP/USD – Pound Dollar
Discuss the popular currency pair Pound Dollar.

GBP/JPY – Pound Yen
Discuss the popular currency pair Pound Yen

Other Currency Crosses
Discuss other currency crosses in this forum. Share knowledge with your fellow traders.

General Trading Discussions

Trading Strategies
Discuss all the different Forex trading strategies, techniques etc.
General Trading Discussions
Discuss anything related to trading and finance

kenspong answers:

Go to
& copy & paste that in! & it should come in!


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