Your Questions About Forex Trading Books

Mandy asks…

Forex algorithmic trading books?

A book about forex algorithmic trading?
I’m looking for a good book algorithmic trading.
I think Meta trader 4 is nice.

Any suggestions?

kenspong answers:

TradeStation is the Cadillac of trading platforms and includes the ability to write and backtest your own trading systems. It is the premier rule-based trading platform. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to purchase and has a high monthly fee.

NinjaTrader will also backtest trading systems, and allow you to write your own, and is completely FREE, with NO monthly fee. There aren’t even any exchange fees – incredible. And their margin rates are $400 – $500 for forex and stock index futures.


If you want to send me your email address, I’ll send you several Forex ebooks.

Betty asks…

Any good books on forex trading?

I would like to learn how to perform correlated/hedge trades…such as the EUR/USD + USD/CHF. Can anyone recommend some books on the subject? Thanks.

kenspong answers:

I am not sure if this will help but I saw this page that has alot of books on it check it out.Not sure if its what your looking for but its a start.

Chris asks…

Whisc books should i read to acquire knowledge on FOREX trading ?

I want to invest in foreign exchanges, so which books could help me to study the market of foreign exchange ?

kenspong answers:

EToro is an excellent Forex broker that offers a free basic online forex trading course and a more advanced course for account holders.

Lisa asks…

Any good books for forex trading ?

kenspong answers:

Over the years i have problably read more books than i can count but i thought i will compile a list of the best that i have read. Check it out at

George asks…

recommended books for FOREX trading!?

I am learning FOREX as fast as possible with little money to spend on learning. What courses in college can I take and what books should I read? I am really interested in indicators and oscillators. So please help here?!?!!!

Also, Whats the difference between indicator and oscillator?

kenspong answers:

Technical Analysis of Financial Markets by John Murphy is the kind of the basis book for people learning Tech analysis.
Its written for stocks but it applies to all trending markets. Including FX.

You will learn all the common indicators for anaylsis and how to use them.

An oscillator is a type of indicator, its an indicator that indicates the CHANGE in price movement and it indicates overbought and oversold conditions. Examples of oscillators are RSI and Stochastics.

Congrats on learning this yourself rather than getting scammed by someone selling unprofitable systems, you will have higher odds of success, if you dedicate yourself.

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  2. I’m really having trouble finding a reliable forex broker what broker do you recommend?

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