Your Questions About Forex Trading Books

Linda asks…

What is the effect of higher currency value to forex trading?

Im just starting to learn forex trading, and I have this reference book telling me what are the factors that affect a certain currency value. For example, a higher GDP would mean a higher currency value. Now, how do I use this information? Do I have to compare the GDP of let say US and Canada? And for example, the GDP of Canada is greater than US, does that mean that the currency value of Canada is greater therefore I should be in selling position at the forex market? (USD/CAD).

That make sense for me, but can anyone please confirm this? Thank you In advance.

kenspong answers:

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Chris asks…

Where can I get in contact with someone in my area (Detroit) who trades currency for a living?

I have read a few books on FOREX trading and have been trading with practice accounts successfully. Before I try to do this full time I want to meet with someone who has already taken the plunge to get advice on trading for a living.

kenspong answers:

Hey ZZ,
Your best bet might be to go to and look under investing strategies to see if there are any Forex related groups already organized in your area.

You can also find quite a few Forex folks by searching on Yahoo 360.

I don’t live in Detroit but I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Charles asks…

Where I learn online trading in united states?

Please tell me how i learn the Forex trading i.e online stock trading.
Tell me if there is any e-book available online for Forex Trading

kenspong answers:


Betty asks…

Can we make a living trading forex ?

i am new in this venture and have try many ways that been teaches in books and DVD in my demo account but most of the method , i have came to feel like is not working ,can we really earn a living just by trading forex or is it all about luck ?? i mean if the method teach by all this gurus really work why they took all the time to write books or conduct seminar , wouldn’t it be much more easy if they just spend a few hours a days in forex market and make a big sum of money ??? as most of the book promote a very free style of living and making a handsome amount of money ….

kenspong answers:

You’ve already spotted the con with the whole book-writing and DVD thing. If I had a real secret or formula for trading currencies, why would I tell anyone, when I can simply sit 2 hours everyday and make US$12 million in profits. There’s no such thing as a secret or optimal trading technique, what these guys teach you is basic economics principals. Sometimes their textbook principals are flawed as well, and these guys make so little money actually trading forex, that they probably make 10 times that amount by selling books and DVDs .

Back to your question, and the answer is plain and simply: no, you cannot make a living trading forex as an individual. Some organizations do it, but they’re utilizing massive amounts of labour and technology and even they get it wrong sometimes. This whole concept about not working hard but being able to make easy money is one of the biggest scams that’s been in existence since who knows when. I personally don’t feel that you need to work “hard” either, you must work smart, save smart and spend smart.

It’s also highly speculative, you need to know the news minute by minute and you need a fundamental understanding of economics, supply and demand, finance, politics and basically every other facet of knowledge if you wish to scrape pennies trading currency.

Donna asks…

I want to learn more about japanese candlesticks on forex trading. i would like to know where to find the book?

kenspong answers:

Don’t worry about forex. Candlestick charts are candlestick charts. You can still learn from the books even if the examples are in futures or stocks.


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