Your Questions About Forex Trading Books

Betty asks…

What is the best book to read that can help me to begin FOREX trading?

kenspong answers:

I can’t recommend a book but FOREX.COM is an excellent place to start. Just subscribe to their mailing list and pick out the news you might want to read.

Be warned though, it’s not as easy as you think and if you want to make money off of it, you need professional tutoring.

Laura asks…

is any body have a book about forex trading ?

kenspong answers:

Right here:

Click on books in the right hand column to see the list.
There are also articles to learn more about trading.

Robert asks…

I would like to learn FOREX trading as a teenager?

Hi, Im 16 years old and living through the last couple of years ive realized no job is safe, and that i want to be successful and live a long, healthy, and great life without having to worry about financial problems. Ive been reading about forex and practice trading on a mt4 platform but i was just wondering if anyone had any books or programs to recommend, thank you

kenspong answers:

Forex is a very risky business if you don’t know what you are doing and it takes years to learn and become good at it..

Donna asks…

hi have anyone heard of the forex mscs-rrr currency trading e-book?

hi has any one heard of the forex foreign currency trading e-book program called mscs-rrr that’s all over the internet? could anyone tell me if it’s a scam or not and how can i use the internet to find out if it’s a scam or not? thanking you in advance.

kenspong answers:

I’m amused that this site claims that anyone can make big money and not work hard through Forex trading. This is a scam. You know deep down this is a scam. It has all the markings of a scam. 95% of the people that try FX trading fail. There is no “secret formula” other than very hard work, time and money management.

BTW: Check out for other FX scams.

John asks…

Can anyone really tell me how to trade forex?

I have spent 4 years and thousands on learning everything about trading forex. But when I come to trade the market for real I still just lose money. I know enough to write a book on Trading Forex yet I still can’t do it.
Surely there is a real professional forex trader who could tell me how to trade forex profitably?

kenspong answers:

There are two “phases” to learning to trade forex – or any market. Firstly you need to learn what it is you need to know about the markets to give you the knowledge to trade. Most people don’t even get this far as they skip straight to the “get rich quick” part!
Certainly sounds as if you have completed that phase though.
The second phase, and where you seem to have a problem, is putting what you have learned into action to make money from trading forex. That requires yet more knowledge and learning combined with practice – preferably overseen by a professional forex trader. Please see the link below as I do offer personal assistance as well as advanced trading courses and have done so for 5 years.

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