Your Questions About Forex Robot Trading

Helen asks…

Best Forex Trading Robots?

There are a lot of forex trading robots around.
How do i know which one is the best forex trading robots for your money and are making consistent profits.

kenspong answers:

Have you heard of the Forex Robot World Cup competition?
329 Forex robot compete in live trading account with $1000 in each account.
From the 329 entry , they choose the best top 5 that is making the highest and consistent profit and merge it into one and thus the most profitable and the best forex trading robot was born. 😉

Ruth asks…

Is it true forex robots need monitoring the market for days before starting trading?

Is it true forex robots need monitoring the market for days before starting trading themselves on their own?
That’s a feature I would dislike if so

kenspong answers:

An EA is built to enter trades when certain conditions are met in the market. If those condition are met than the EA enters the trade. If those conditions aren’t met the EA doesn’t enter the trade. Depending on what conditions the EA is built there are days when it doesn’t have trades and days when it haves.
Having said that it is true that the EA needs to monitor the market all the time (meaning you need to leave your computer runing in order for the EA to work) and depending on the EA, the number of trades varies and there are days without trades. Don’t forget that forex trading is about having patience to only take the best trades. Happy trading!

Mandy asks…

Anybody know about automatic trading robots like fap turbo ?Is forex trading permitted in india?

kenspong answers:

Yes! FAP turbo is one of the best robots! Also I know (my own experience) that FAP has 100% success if you use scalping method!
Here is some good reviews –

Charles asks…

Which is the Best Forex Robot?

I heard that Forex Robots Beats Humans in Trading.I would like to buy the best Forex Robot.Any body please help me

kenspong answers:

The best way to find a good trading robot is by reading reviews on multiple websites. Will leave you some links on the sources box with Forex reviews websites.

James asks…

Any body make a full time living trading forex ?

i wanted now if there any one who make a full time living trading in forex, im not necessarily asking if your rich, just if u make day by day, im been seeing decent profits and looking to make a living my self, only one thing concerns me, forex doesn’t have a lots of laws related to it, and i dnt want to do anything to get in trouble, is there any thing i shouldn’t do when trading, im looking to use a forex robot for assistance, is that ok. plz U.S. traders only

kenspong answers:

Hi, people are making a full time living with forex trading. Recently I attended a webinar by Craig Harris. Craig Harris was a Texan construction worker who learned forex trading on his own and now makes daily 50-70 pips. 1 pip is equal to $10. 50-70 pips mean $500-700. This translates into a monthly income of more than $10,000.

Trading with a forex robot without learning forex trading basics will not help much. Many people make this mistake of buying a forex robot. But they don’t know how to optimize it. If you learn forex trading and understand how the market works, you will be in a better position to use a forex robot.

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