Your Questions About Forex Robot Trading

Robert asks…

Is this a good Forex trading robot software review page, look wise?

I am thinking of doing a forex robot review website because of all the research I do on the subject but I can’t design worth anything. I bought a premade template and just used my content, does this look alright to you guys. Here is the URL –

All the content is mine only the template is prefab, I personally think I created a winner. If anyone wants to buy a premade template, minus the content, check out that is where i got mine, they have a bunch for $15 apiece.

kenspong answers:

You can try using this system at

Donna asks…

Does DNAFX Trading Forex Robot work?

Has anyone used DNAFXTrader forex robot from Can you really make money autotrading with it?

They show live 3rd-party verified results with over 50% gains for 2010 already. Seems like one of the better expert advisors out there.

kenspong answers:

It sounds like a scam to me. I bet Tom, Alan, Jim, Ben, Andrew, and Tim are the same person using multiple accounts. Look at how they all signed up today.

Sharon asks…

Is Forex Triad Formula a trading robot or forex Training?

I can’t seem to find this answer even though the course is all over the internet. The closest I can figure is that it is a forex training course but then I see it being advertised and it seems like a robot, take a look at the website, it sure seems like a robot to me. Maybe it’s both? If anyone knows let me know. It has to be something to cost $2K.

kenspong answers:

It is both. I would still saying the same things about robot, NO robot can consistently beat the market in the long run. Learn forex trading the hard way and you will gain from it.

Thomas asks…

Forex Trading Robot? which one?

i have been interested in the forex market and i know you can use a automated peice of software like a robot. which one should i go for?

kenspong answers:

There is NO forex robot or signal company that can beat the market in the long run. This is from my experience in forex trading for years. Else everyone is rich. Here is a good read about forex signal company:

A Forex trader needs to learn and master the necessary skills to be successful in forex trading.

Mary asks…

Where can I find a good trading robot for forex?

kenspong answers:

You have to be careful when choosing a forex robot. Often the data is made up or misconstrued. Also, sometimes firms have robots that you can only use with their firm. Their goal is to make as many trades as possible so the firm can make money. Look at the track record from the trading robot and visit forums and talk to actual people about the robot. Remember trading forex is dangerous so don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

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