Your Questions About Forex Robot Trading

Richard asks…

What is the best automated forex trading robot?

kenspong answers:

I think the best automated forex trading robot is Forex Ambush 2. They have a lot of good testimonials from their users, and boast of an almost perfect record. The trades come to your email every day, so it’s very simple to use. You can paper trade with this first and if it’s not working for you you can get your money back.

Michael asks…

Has anyone reading this ever used the Forex trading robot FAP Turbo and is it worth the investment?

kenspong answers:

If Im not mistaken a trading robot is nothing more than a program programmed to make trades on your part based on info placed into it. So in theory you are allowing the programmer to enter your trades for you and this program will just do what you would do if you were logged in all that time. They are nothing more than a scam.
Its no different that other programs out there that people claim to follow their trade secrets or buying an infomercial.
Learn to trade and do it yourself. There is no get rich quick in Wall St. If there was dont you think the people selling their secrets would be using them. And if they were making so much money why then share it with others as kindly as they put it. When is the last time that you met a rich person that said hmm let me help you make my money?
Good luck

Betty asks…



kenspong answers:

Here is how I trade to make money…

If you want, you can also follow these steps. I’ve dumbed it down to the easiest, yet safest way to win in the Forex.

1) Open a live account at
2) Select AAAFx broker, and open MICRO account with 200:1 leverage.
3) Deposit at least $300 in your account to start.
4) “Add to Portfolio” the top 20 strategies at
5) …when adding strategies, set maximum number of trades to 5, and…
6) …select lot size of 0.1 “mini” lots for each $1000 in your account.
7) It will trade automatically, following all those top 20 strategies.
8) Then sit back, relax and take a vacation as you make easy Forex money.

Charles asks…

Are FOREX robot trading systems legitimate or a scam?

kenspong answers:

All forex robots are SCAMS.

Think it through. If anyone had such a product, they would use it to trade and become incredibly wealthy. They would not try to sell it to you for a few dollars. The entire concept is ridiculous.

George asks…

Tell me the definitions about the forex trading Robot?

Hi yahoo answers give me the guidelines for the forex trading

kenspong answers:

Forex brokers were the only way for any forex user to manage or update his account. There were fixed number of steps that each forex player should go through it to buy or sell anything from his account. The first step is to decide what he will sell or buy then he call his broker to take his advice and then he asks his broker to confirm the deal or not.

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