Your Questions About Forex Robot Trading

Helen asks…

How you guys doing Forex trading with most easier way..?

Any magic? hehehe…!
Any indicator or robots..?

kenspong answers:

There are so many new ones in the market. Only this week there is Forex Assassin which sold 1,500 copies. There’s also Forex Beater and Automated Forex Cash which has been quite hot and being launched.

As they are new, I’ve not tried them yet but I have tried Forex Killer and it has given me some good results.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know where I can find some some investors to contribute start up capital for a forex hedge fund?

I have developed a proprietary expert advisor (trading robot) that has a 78% win ratio and a less than 20% drawdown. My monthly average is 38% compounded monthly. I’ll be a millionaire in two years, with or without investors, but since no one is promised tomorrow…I would like to accelerate this process. Advice?

kenspong answers:

Nice twisting of the language there!

“38% compounded monthly” = 38% if you assume 12 compounding periods per year.

But anyway –

if you want to start a hedge fund, i hope you have one heck of a pedigree, and a bunch of seed capital yourself. You’ll probably spend (minimum) $250k just on lawyers, and it will take nearly a year to get the proper approvals. Then you can start trying to collect ~$10m (minimum) to get decent rates and execution from your prime. The first year, just to break even (assuming a 50% annual return) you’ll probably need to get 3/30 in fees.

Oh, and by the way – if there was any part of that you didn’t understand, figure on at least another $100k to the lawyers.

Sharon asks…

How does Fap Turbo Make Money?

I am considering getting the forex robot trader called fap turbo, it trades in the forex market for you. I just want to know exactly where the money it makes would be coming from. Would it be through interest? Is it anything like trading shares?

kenspong answers:

Automated opens closes trades based loosely on trend direction.
However If you had a trading system/robot that was right 7 out 10 times would you bundle it up, market it and then spend enormous time trying to sell it for a few hundred bucks? No, because you would be busy trading it.
Ask simple questions before investing on any system/robot.
1) Whats your refund rate? Major question! What are refund terms 30 days, 60 days? You reckon you will know how successful a robot is after 30 days?
2) What brokers, if any, allow use of said automated robots? Some Brokers won’t, some platforms can’t.
3) What markets does it trade and time frames involved?
4) Profit history – Is this Hypothetical, Simulated over what time period months, years? Trending markets, ranging markets?
5) Small print small print small print Past performance etc
6) Is it bait and run? I.e ‘limited number’ once sold, sellers gone..
7) Support Technical help etc

look to the forums, looks to research its all out there!

Chris asks…

Forex robots… do they work or are they scam?

I see a lot of sites promoting some Forex robots that promise to make money on autopilot, trading automatically for you. It seems to be too good to be true. I am a novice forex trader so I ask to more experienced traders what they think…

kenspong answers:

Forex is incredibly risky PERIOD, one way to game the Currency markets is the Try a Forex Fund.

Make sure they are registered with NFA and can provide you with past performance data.

Ruth asks…

InformationnAbout Forex Robots?

I’m a beginner and need some information about these trading robots.
Which is the best one available?
How do these work?
Can someone with little or no knowledge of trading use these and still make profits?
Can a user just make an investment and depend on the robot for profits (without having to manage or worry about the investment constantly)?

kenspong answers:

These “robots” are scams. It’s usually a pyramid scheme. If you invented a robot that could make you money without doing anything, why would you let anybody else use it? If everybody was doing the same exact strategy, it wouldn’t even make any money anymore since everyone would be buying or selling at the same exact time.

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