Your Questions About Forex Rates

Linda asks…

Is it possible to predict what will happen with Forex rates?

I’m into Forex trading. I wonder if there is a way to predict or find patterns in the way exchange rates move. Anyone have any techniques or suggestions?

kenspong answers:

When I feel like getting back into my charts I like to use pivot points, Fibonacci studies and Stochastics to predict price movements and support and resistance levels.

The majority of my Forex activity is now based on hedging strategies as a key element of a long term investment focus.


Chris asks…

Is there any MOBILE application which provides LIVE FOREX RATES?

I need a mobile application which provides me live forex rates, metal rates on the go.
I also need the currency converters if possible.

kenspong answers:

Plenty. If you are using iphone or smart phones. , , etc.
There are several out there that provides live forex rates, even live charts. has currency converters.


David asks…

Is there any free web service to fetch NSE / BSE stock quotes, Gold – Silver prices and live ForEx rates?

Is there any free web service to fetch NSE / BSE stock quotes, Gold – Silver prices and live ForEx rates?
I want free web service, not a free web site. Web service is what, which I can use to get live stock, gold, silver, For-Ex rates to use in my own software or web site… Kind of live data feed I want…

kenspong answers:


Yes, i have found one web service which gives live stock quotes, live gold, silver, platinum prices and live ForEx rates of major currencies. I have used it and its awesome. And since I know this web service, it is improving day-by-day and providing more and more services every day.

Check the following portable exe software built on the same web service I’m going to refer you. You will required .Net Framework 2.0 / 3.5 installed on your machine to run this software. No other installation required. Software itself is ultimate and fulfil all major requirements. Software works on the same web service.

Portable Software Link (Free) :
Screen Shot 1 :
Screen Shot 2 :

Web Service Reference Link (Free) :

This web service is free but you need credential check to use any of the service it provides. You can use following email (as username) and password as a credential information.

Credential Email :
Credential Password :

I also found source code of few examples for ‘how to use this web service in your code’. The examples’ code has been written in VB.Net. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Example 1 :
Example 2 :
Example 3 :

Carol asks…

live forex rates application for spice QT66?

i want 1 live streaming forex rates application for my 2 mobiles, 1 spice QT 66 and micromax 550 cube? please can any one help me?

kenspong answers:

If your mobile’s browser has javascript you might be able to use this:

If you need Rupee rates this place may stream them:

I haven’t checked IndiaRupeeRate on a weekday in a while, but these used to be live rates offered by that outfit. They have a wider spread than a spot market forex dealer would.

You could try getting a demo account at oanda, but I don’t think they have apps for your phones.
They have mobile apps for android and iPhone.

Sandy asks…

Which are the best sites where can we can see Forex rates and also get good tips ,Indian Rupee against USD?

kenspong answers:

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