Your Questions About Forex Rates

David asks…

which website provide the information about the forex rates of america.?

the Forex rates and the currency converters.

kenspong answers:

I can suggest you to visit to find latest rates. This site also contain very useful ariticles specially for newbies. Have a look at this.

Sharon asks…

When determining rollover rates in forex, does lot size matter?

From page 55 in Currency Trading for Dummies, I broke down the huge formula to:

for long postion:

((x – y)bD)/365

where x = long side interest rate in decimal
y = short side interst rate in decimal
D = days
b = exchange rate in decimal
a would equal lot size.

I dont think it does really. but this again is only for rollover rates..

just wondering

kenspong answers:

The size of your lot does not change the rate but will change the overall amount. I.e. 10% of 100k is half of 10% of 200k. The interest rate that you are using may not be accurate as many brokers will not offer exactly the same rate eg. They may payout less a 0.25% or charge more 0.5%. Just be careful when doing your calculations which figures you use.

John asks…

Forex trading hours between USD and INR?

I see that the USD-INR forex rates seem to change only during the normal business hours in India. Are those the only hours for forex trading in USD-INR? If so, what about all those services that offer 24 hour trading — is there some misunderstanding on my part?


kenspong answers:

If you are in India and looking for the 24 hrs trading, in my openion, you cannot. NSE is not round the clock market like forex. I am not suer if there are any regulations in place from Inida (RBI)

Sandra asks…

is there any reliable website giving updated details of shares, forex, metals commodities prices all in 1place?

a comprehensive website giving up to date information about shares, stocks, forex, rates of metal and commodities mainly about india and UAE.

kenspong answers:

Check it out here. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.


Richard asks…

Does anyone know the sites where we can see the current currencies live rates used in FOREX ?

eg. current live rates of usd to jpy………etc.

kenspong answers:


you can join for a free demo account. U will have access to major live current currencies.

If your currency doesn’t show try

If you are looking for currency signals try

Hope the above help.

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