Your Questions About Forex News

Lisa asks…

anyone know of a good forex broker for news trading?

I’ve been trading the news for about 6 months now. FXDD have stopped filling me on all 3 accounts after making huge profits. I am using one good broker at the moment but not sure if they will fill me for much longer. I am in need of a broker who fill you at news times and doesn’t up the spreads to silly amounts. Any ideas?

kenspong answers:

Using the Mtpredictor’s technical analysis Elliot Wave Principle software, Bsmtprediction provides Forex Traders with FREE access to AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY & USD/JPY daily currency forecasts through this website. At Any Time / Any Day (we’ll straight away post the signals here in real-time if there’s any triggered) 1 hour, 4 hours & daily time frame forecasts are published on this site. The predictions are good from the moment they are published until either it reached the take profit target, hitted the stop loss or another new prediction of the same currency & timeframe unveils on the same / following day. Essentially, the prices shown are for an unknown period.. That’s why we encourage you to subscribe our FREE Google Groups newsletter to get the latest signal updates sent to your e-mail from the very 1st minute it surfaces the net..

Daniel asks…

Latest forex news and tips?

I am trying to get into the forex market, I would like too know the best site for news and tips.
I am going to be trading GBP.USD.

kenspong answers:


I think you have chosen the perfect pair to get started trading in the Forex market. The GBP/USD is more consistent and predictable than many of the other pairs. With the right strategy, knowledge, money management, and attitude you should be fine. It is true that Forex is not for the faint of heart but you CAN be successful trading Forex.

As for good sites for tips, news, analysis:

I use bloomberg for my economic news. Keep in mind – I trade a longer term strategy that is not significantly affected by intraday news releases so Bloomberg works for me. If you plan to scalp you will need a source to give up to the second news as well as an “economic calendar”. I recommend forexfactory but there are plenty of others. Just google forex economic calendar.

As for analysis, I like fxstreet. It is free and has decent content. However, what you will quickly learn is to not give into the hype. You will find that one analyst will say one thing and another will entirely contradict the first. Read with an open mind and then use your own knowledge to choose how you react.

And for where to find good tips…that is a hard one. Most tips are trading system specific and may not be right for you. However, probably the best way to get trading tips is by joining a free Forex traders forum. I like forexfactory, fxfisherman, or babypip’s forum. Just google any of those three.

Good luck! Don’t let the naysayers get you down. Forex is not easy and many DO lose their money. But it sounds like you are taking the proper time to learn and become a successful trader.

Sandra asks…

Can anyone please help me with economic forex news announcements? ( real time ) trading news.?

I need real time ( live ) economic forex trading news

kenspong answers:

Advantages of the Forex Market
By: Heather Redmond

This web page should help you… Plus, you can explore the companies listed on that site.

Good Luck!

Susan asks…

Forex News For Fundamental analysis?

Does any one have any Idea how i can get important forex news on my computer as early as they are released? News in Forex market are useless if you get them a little late.

kenspong answers: should do it since they aggregate all their news sources.

BUT if you really want to know… You need a reuters box or a bloomberg box – just like what the professionals use.

Paul asks…


all about forex, news, indecies, stocks, news and forum

kenspong answers:


FXStreet also has a list of forex brokers

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