Your Questions About Forex News

David asks…


kenspong answers:

My choice is Forex.
You can trade in automated way there. Auto Forex software will trade for you and make constant monthly income.
You can find best Forex systems on

Hope, it will help you yo make a choice.

Thomas asks…

i want to have information about daily news of forex?

kenspong answers:

Using the Mtpredictor’s technical analysis Elliot Wave Principle software, Bsmtprediction provides Forex Traders with FREE access to AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY & USD/JPY daily currency forecasts through this website. At Any Time / Any Day (we’ll straight away post the signals here in real-time if there’s any triggered) 1 hour, 4 hours & daily time frame forecasts are published on this site. The predictions are good from the moment they are published until either it reached the take profit target, hitted the stop loss or another new prediction of the same currency & timeframe unveils on the same / following day. Essentially, the prices shown are for an unknown period.. That’s why we encourage you to subscribe our FREE Google Groups newsletter to get the latest signal updates sent to your e-mail from the very 1st minute it surfaces the net..

Carol asks…

Forex …..which is the best news site for a fundamental trader?

is better to be fundamental or technical trader ???

kenspong answers:

This is a type of question where you should make yourself your own opinion.However, fundamental and technical analysis are trying to solve the main problem of : WHERE THE MARKET IS GOING TO DO, FORECASTING PRICES, WHAT IS THE DIRECTION OF THE MARKET…………

Be aware that fundamental analysis study the CAUSES OF MARKET MOVEMENT while technical analysis study THE EFFECT.

Now, can you imagine the sum of research you woulld have to accomplish should you trade a particular stock, currencies ( Swiss, Euro, Sterling pound, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen…………..)

Enormous. Moreover, you have any degree ( Master, Phd. CFA,and so on…).

Be sure that in a graph ( any graphs, does not matter the product ), everything is already discounted according the theory of CAPITAL ASSET PRICING MODEL, WILLIAM F. SHARPE, NOBEL PRICE OF ECONOMY ). Stated in another way, prices tend to lead THE KNOWN FUNDAMENTALS.

For further readings in technical analysis, see these books by authors, leaders in that field ( John J. Murphy, Martin Pring, Steve Nison, Edwards and Magee, and many others…).

Be careful trading any financial markets, There is huge risk and losses pertaining to trading. Be prepare very carefully. Do not pay attention to those who are claiming that you can make a lot of money with their systems.

Begin by studying, a lot, and practice yourself on free trial trafing plattform on the internet.

Good luck in your new venture.

Sharon asks…

can i trade forex with the news how?

kenspong answers:

You can use anything with everything. Just keep your notes

you can also ask here

Betty asks…

Forex Question….why US economic news affects other currencies?

I have noticed that when there are nagetive economic news for USA, it also affects other currencies. For example, yesterday the economic news about the building permits in USA was bit nagetive than expected. Because of this data, the NZD also suffered and went lower. Why this happens? Whats the fundamentals behind this?

kenspong answers:

With the globalized world, and interconnectivity of the markets and economies, one group of forex traders may watch the slump in the real estate market for clues of mortgage futures.

Changes in the realty sector has caused the need for interest rate changes in the US, which greatly affect the USD, which immediately causes a ripple affect in all other currencies. Just a perception that such a change may happen soon, or change policy, could cause the same effect.

The trading in currencies in the forex market is not done in just a single currency. The trading is done in currency pairs. If you wish to sell New Zealand Dollars, then you short the NZD/USD pair. The currencies are all relative to the economies of each other. If you think New Zealand is strengthening more than the US and you wish to buy New Zealand dollars on the forex market, then you have to short some other currency.

The US is the biggest economy in the world, and the biggest number of consumers in the world. If the US economy suffers, then the world is likely to suffer economically. If the outlook is not so bright here, then the outlook is not so bright elsewhere.

The housing bubble in the US was what started the current debt crisis that led us into a world recession, and it could very well be one of the first few signs that things are getting better. So when it is negative, it shows we are still in duck soup, and the media quacks for a better economy.

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