Your Questions About Forex News

Chris asks…

Can you tell me a great name for a new Forex blog?

I am starting a new blog about Forex telling what Forex is, news, and currency predictions, but I cannot come up with a good name.

The blog is aimed at both beginners and professional traders.

Thank you for your idea.

Thank you.

kenspong answers:

FX Brother

Sandra asks…

In Stock or Forex trading, what does “hawkish” means?

I am reading for forex news release predictions and waiting for Bank of England Meeting Minutes. I am told to buy if the announcement is “hawkish”.

kenspong answers:

Hawkish (Hawk) means preferring higher or raising interest rates to fight inflation and its effects on the economy. The opposite is Doveish (Dove) is someone that prefers lower or lowering interest rates in the belief that inflation and its effects will have minimum impact on the economy.

If they say a Hawkish statement is believed to be coming out, it means the Central Bank is going to take a stance of fighting inflation and thus will be raising interest rates.

Carol asks…

FOREX: Can somebody give some names of a few good sites that can give me forex-related news releases?…?

… Actually, does anybody outthere trade strictly around news releases, and if so, how is it working for you? How many pips do you make/ lose on average, and how long do you usually hold trades for? For people out there who trade with technical indicators, which ones work best for you? do you have any advice for somebody who is still in the learning stages?
Personally, I try to trade around whatever trends I can notice (“the trend is your friend” rule), does anyone have any trend-based startergies they’d like to share with me?
Good luck traders!

kenspong answers:

I use this news calendar.


And I use these trend indicators with embedded price alarms

Monitor the pairs with alarms and trade with the trend always.

Good Trading
Mark Mc Donnell

Nancy asks…

what is latest news about forex trading?

kenspong answers:


Download Free MT4 custom indicator called Fx Pulse what can show the latest Forex news directly on the chart in a second after its release.
Another great feature is the built in trend detection which shows you not only the trend but also the strength from the trend from multiple time frames.
Read more about benefits and download Fx Pulse on Forexeasystems’ website

Mandy asks…

What is the best FREE news feed to use on my PC for Forex trading?

kenspong answers:


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