Your Questions About Forex Club

Thomas asks…

What legal options do I have to recover my investment from an online Forex trading club?

I do not want to throw good money after bad nor do I want to be preciptous, but certain behaviours by the forex investment club have caused me grave concerns

kenspong answers:

There are a lot of online agencies committed to provide justice to people who have deceived through a forex broker/program.

Forex Peace army(Fpa) is one of the foremost i know.You can join the forum to know more.There are many others you can search.

Hope this helps you.

Daniel asks…

Anyone know of any good Forex Robots or Membership clubs?

I have looked at a few – Fap Turbo, L.M.T Forex, Forex Megadroid, Forex Ambush 2.0, Forex Gridbot, Forex Automoney and Forex Tracer. Its all a bit confusing and need some advice from anyone who has used any of these EA’s or are a member of a Forex club.

kenspong answers:

The forex market is highly risky and there a lot of suspicious offers been made. If a robot can guarantee you just 20% a month than in less than three years a $1000 dollar investment can turn into half a million dollars. When it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The only way to make money in the forex market is to put in the hours to learn about the market and experience trading as much as possible.

Charles asks…

is any one familiar with, its a forex club out of jamaica?

kenspong answers:

R u in it?

Michael asks…

Forex 500 Club??? Any advice?

New to Forex and looking to see what others think…

kenspong answers:

Hi Shannan,

I actually use and do very well. I find there is a ton of helpful information especially when you are new to Forex Trading. Another good area to go to is There you can chat with other traders and find out some inside scoops on trades going on.

Hope this helped and good luck!

Joseph asks…

can I hear from persons who have been member of clubs who do forex trading.?

Have your investments been growing?/

kenspong answers:

Yes,within 2 week,my portfolio is up 3% of the intial amount invested.if you need coaching in forex thing email me.we’ll talk

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    I don’t really see the things like you do, simply because few things are really black and white. I actually do see though, that lots of people share the same opinion like you do.
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