Your Questions About Forex Charts

Charles asks…

Using Multiple Charts of Same Pair in MT4 Using EA – FOREX?

I am using MT4 and trading on a live account…I have 4 EA’s running and 2 of them are running on a EUR/USD H1 chart…will this cause any conflict within the EA’s or anything negative? (they are each attached on a separate chart) Thanks!!!!!!

kenspong answers:

I won’t if you use separate PC or computers

Sandra asks…

Who moves the forex chart?

Lets say that the FED increases its interest rates causing the USD to fall in value against the EUR.But the forex chart doesn’t know about the increase of interest rates so it can’t change all by it self. Someone has to control the chart and change it manually or how does this work?

kenspong answers:

Actually, forex chart is a software. Which is programmed in such a way that a bit of movement in the market the chart moves upward or down ward.

Ken asks…

What’s the best forex charting software?

kenspong answers:

Traditionally, Metatrader has been the charting software. I use it both for forex and stocks.

Now there are new software that provide auto signals for forex traders. Lately they have been very popular. I have tried Forex Killer and two others and I think they are worthwhile aids.

Betty asks…

Is there any working forex methods ?

I have spent over a thousand dollars looking for a forex method that works; robots, charts. Would it be advisable to hire a professional service to run my account, or is there something better ? Please any ideas will help.

kenspong answers:

Well reading through most the answers either they were negative or a clear sales pitch, but I do agree with there being a good bit of free information out there for investors. First I would start with This will give you a good base foundation to begin with. After that I have cited my blog below.

I have a ton of free information in addition to our live forex trading room where we trade live every day. I’m always looking to help those who have a true desire to learn. If you would like to learn to trade forex just send us an email at the site below and I will be happy to let you in the room at no cost to you….if you truly have a desire to learn and be successful. Either way I wish you the best in your trading career,

Sharon asks…

Advanced Forex Charting Software – Which Forex Software Do You Recommend?

kenspong answers:

Forex Tracer gives me very consistent results on feeds, charting and reliability. My forex trading strategy right now involves the Pound Sterling and the Tracer tool has helped me snag some profitable trades.

It’s an advanced forex charting software that’s easy to use and works in real time.

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